Want a Blackberry for FREE?

My sister attested to the BB's intelligence. She labeled it the "cum laude" haha. I, however, haven't totally succumbed to the whole craze. Mich said it would be the end of me. Added distraction and more sleepless nights. I agree. Lol. But you guys could win your own Blackberry Curve!!! It's easy peasy. Here's how...

Post "I want a Blackberry 3G from @FreewayOnline because..." As your STATUS (not on their wall) then afterwards fill up the form (the iLike facebook tab on Freeway's page). =)

1. The "url" of their status - to get it just click on your timestamp.  For example "posted 2 seconds ago"

2. Why isn't my status showing up on freeway's facebook wall? It's either you didn't tag Freeway properly OR your settings should be "viewable by public"

3. How and when will the winner get picked -
Among entries submitted (when you fill out the form) they will use random.org to randomly draw the winner. Winners will be selected when they've reach 20,000 followers.

4. BB unit - Blackberry Curve 9300 3G

Join now!:)


  1. I want one! But I would prefer a Bold


  2. i want this so much! i must join!

  3. when's the deadline? Just saw this now. And what's their facebook like page?


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