Blogger Dinner at Mango Tree

Had a wonderful time last night with fellow bloggers as we discovered the newly opened Thai resto--Mango Tree Bistro. It was different from our usual events coz it was an intimate sit down dinner. Narration through photos. :)

glittery top - French Connection, polka shorts - PINKaholic, pink blazer - thrifted, heels - Asian Vogue
necklace - Bubbles, ring - Anagon, cheetah bangle - Mia Casa
 satchel - Chicify, white bracelet - Les Roux, belt bracelet - Mauve, polka watch - Aldo

Okay, so I was supposed to wear my Iconique wide leg pants but I ran out of time to change, so I just wore what I was already wearing from the salon--my highwaist polka shorts. I just changed my white polo to a glittery tanktop (so it would be nightout/dinner appropriate haha) and threw on a nude pink blazer. Wore my favorite accessories to enhance the whole outfit. I think this necklace sent by BUBBLES is the icing on the cake. Seriously guys, you should check out this accs store. The necklaces are so much prettier in person and they certainly give any outfit that much needed oomph! Also wore my Chicify satchel..coz I'm obssessed with the color & the convenience of satchel bags (i don't have to dig deep unlike my other bags LOL). Loving my chunky heel shoes too! Even the receptionists in our apartment think they're cuuuuute. Heard their comments when I was on my way to the elevator. Haha.

I'm blabbing, I know. Here are the rest of the photos!
Went to Studio Zen Katipunan to avail of their unlimited blowdry/curl promo of P990/month.

i was shampooed, blowdried then curled. It took 45 minutes.

love the interiors! and the free iced tea. hehe

love it!

love the interiors & exteriors - so chic!

bongga the name plates:)

early birds

lissa, bjorn & vern

aie, krissy, ana & sarah

how posh!

while waiting for the food, we spent our time taking photos..

and making chika!

my gorgeous seatmates, blog sisters Vern Enciso & Aie Corpuz!

love this girl!:)
Before I continue with our group photos, I'm sharing with you guys the food we were served. Every dish was superb! I love the presentation, color & taste. Of course. If you're a reader of my blog, you'd know that I love love love Thai food!

special menu for bloggers;)

Thod Mun Goong - Shrimp cakes with sweet chili dip (everyone's fave!)

Tom Yum Goong - Spicy sour soup with shrimps & herbs (my fave! it's spicy so don't do that slurping thing when you drink soup haha or you will cough to death)

Som Tum Thai - green papaya salad! i love that it doesn't swim in sauce and it's not too sweet or sour.

my plate - la lang. haha

i love this! Thai Iced Tea. tastes like Naicha:)

Talay Prik Thai Dum - stir fried seafood with black pepper sauce --the sauce is sweet and the seafood cooked to perfection. Mich will love this:)

steamed jasmine rice --I finished mine! It's perfect! You know I hate uncooked weird textured rice.

Phad Thai Jay - I like mixing it before eating. I love how the noodles & the other ingredients tastes when mixed together. Texture is great too. Not dry or sloppy :)

Panang Nua - red curry beef with lime leaves. I love the sauce it's addicting! Well I love curry so I'm biased hehe.

Gai Ta Krai Yang - signature grilled chicken w/ thai dipping sauce. Do you know that they're one of the few restos who serve this dish on that stick (which I forgot what's called hehe). Love the plating ha!:) And the sauce is sooo delicious. The chicken is perfect too. 

Chef Jonas explaining the dish and serving it to us one by one. Aww:)

Khao Niew Mamuang - sticky rice with coconut cream & mangoes. I still dream about this, I swear. The mnagoes are a little sour but Joe explained that it's really supposed to be like that. It's supposed to contradict the sweetness of the rice & coconut sauce. You can however ask for sweet mangoes if that's what you prefer. 

Overall, I would give them a 9/10 rating. Love the food but it was a little hot inside so we were kinda perspiring. Heeh. But I would definitely go back ASAP with Mich this time. :)

with Jonas

with the kids (hehe!) Tracy, Bjorn & Vern

with Carina of Connect & mah girl Tracy

with Aie this time

the very kind & funny and our host for the night co-owner of Mango Tree, Joe!:)

obligatory cr group pic haha--with aie, krissy & keigh

We all went home with a happy stomach. Thank you Jon Herrera, Cholo dela Vega, Carina Alejandro, Joe & the Mango Tree team for having us and turning us into food bloggers even just for a night. Haha. I think I'm switching teams. Lol.

carina, me, krissy, vern, keigh, aie, tracy, bjorn, lissa & camille

Mango Tree is located at Greenbelt 5. They also have a branch in Trinoma. Watch out for their soon to open branch at The Fort too! Ciao!

P.S. Announcing my Pirouette & Les Roux giveaway winners on Monday! 


  1. THAI FOOD MY LABSSS! <3 Now I want to head to Lemongrass (I think the best Thai resto in Cebu!) na tuloy! :((

    P.S. Received the Cava bag last night. Thank you! :)

    - Roan
    The Explosive Orange

  2. now this post made me hungry.haha. yummy photos! ;)

  3. Thai and polka dots, on my list of best things in life, glad you had a great time!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. I love the shoes!!! Do you know if AsianVogue sells the customers in the U.S.? Or were these shoes inspired by a particular brand from here?

  5. great outfit!
    your friends are so stylish:>

  6. I love your outfit! The event looked like so much fun! Bubbles is like the best place to go for accessories, I bought my very first big batch of accessories from her! When I opened my package it was seriously beyond my expectation!

  7. can i ask what camera you are using? :) im planning to buy one :)

  8. Looks like a fun night! can't wait to try out that resto :)

    xx Kaye

  9. love the outfit miss pax! also love thai food, phad thai is my fave! :))


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