Sweater, Mochi, Shopping

I took advantage of the rain and took my new colorful sweater dress out for a spin! Went to Kat Corpus' store to return my pullouts and had an impromptu dinner/coffee date at Eastwood.

multicolored sweater - Lovely Tomato, boots-Janylin, necklace-Rubi, bag-SG, tights-7-11

Got surprised when Ate Monique (Kat's assistant) handed me this! Aww, thanks Kat for the gift!:)

Ate Monique--thanks for the assistance!

Went to Eastwood Mall's weekend food bazaar and bought Mochi ice cream from Mochiko. Yum!

Tea session at CBTL.

Anyway as I've said in my previous post, I did some major online shopping the other day. Here are my new multiply buys via their new system! So so so convenient.

cute tutu dress (for my niece) from Babebi247

doodle mat (for my niece) from Babebi247

miu miu candy sandals from Asianvogue

yellow satchel bag from F-STOP!

gray wedge sandals from Chickflick

I really love that they I don't have to text the sellers to follow up on my payment or shipping. Multiply already does that for me. Cool huh? More and more shops are converting to the new system, so expect more products and stores to choose from. I was even able to ask some shops to convert some of their products into product listing! Got positive feedback from them too. It's that easy and convenient.

So, have you bought anything from multiply lately? SHARE!

P.S. Thank you Stylebible & Style Pantry for the feature!
Keep on voting for us on Stylebible's Style Star!:)

P.P.S. Will announce my FABMANILA & CAVA winners later! Drew another guy winner for the Penshoppe giveaway since the winner never replied to my messages :( The new winner is... ELMER BERNARDO! Congrats!!!:)


  1. ang dami ng shinopping mo.. inggiiit! hahaha ^_^ love mauve accessories.. :)

  2. Love your sweater dress! :) wow shopping galore! :)

    Kaye (http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com)

  3. pax, how many pairs of shoes do you have? i think you own more than me! :P addict! hahaha

  4. pretty dress & picks :)


  5. that gray wedge sandals is so pretty! :) nice haul! :)

  6. I love everything you bought from multiply esp the accessories! <3


  7. Love the multi-colored sweater, and the bracelets, and the shoes, ooops did I say everything na? :P You rock!

  8. HI,
    I just want to ask for an advice.
    im currently a college student at mapua,
    and i want to try wearing high heels, or wedges,
    i never tried wearing it in school since i dont like people asking "bat ka na ka boots, bat ka naka dress"

    maybe i dress different, and im confident with it,
    but most of the times i wear sandals, boots, flats and never tried heels or wedge, more over i commute, (jeepney and fx) from our house to school.

    also im not a fashion student like you so others might find it weird.

    could you give some suggestions on how could i wear heels without looking im trying too hard.

    thanks, and i appreciate if you do give some advise, i really like your outfits :)

  9. what a cute cute colorblock sweater! it looks very comfy and warm. wow you hauled a great bunch! i love the bib necklace.

    pandaphilia fashion

  10. How much is the satchel<3333 my fave color!!

  11. Oh, wow. Thank you Aisa for shopping at Mauve! ;)


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