Ahoy Sailor!

Went to the multiply office the other day wearing a cute sailor dress I bought from Forever 21 Singapore. Grabbed it from the rack as soon as I saw it! Went back 10 minutes later and all the other stocks were gone. Been looking for this dress since forever so I really felt lucky that day!:) Wore it with my favorite Bench cardigan coz of the weird bipolar weather.

dress-Forever 21, striped cardigan-Bench, bag-Liz Claiborne, gray sneakers-Rubi

I was supposed to go to Kat Corpus' store afterwards to return my pullouts, but it was soooooo traffic (as always) and we ended up getting stuck in Megamall. We ended up having a tea date again at Coffee Bean. Mich and I just love their tea selection so yeah it's kinda our favorite coffee place. :)

death by supot este paperbag

Also sharing with you guys some lovely things I got in the mail!
luggage organizer from Fab Manila! can't wait to use iiit.

Remember the multicolored sweater I ordered on Multiply? It finally arrived!:) I used it today (since it's raining again) and I'll be posting an outfit shot tomorrow. Online shopping is so addicting!  And the rain just keeps on encouraging me. Boooo.

I suddenly felt motivated so I organized my dresses & tops closet. Found a lot of "missing" tops & rediscovered (or excavated haha) a lot of forgotten pieces. Hehe. I arranged the dress from long polo shirts to casual dresses to night dresses. And segregated my tops/blouses by row--tanktops, sweater tops, dressy tops, cardigans, polo shirts. Wish I could keep this organized for a month. Haha.

I keep my blazers, shorts, pants & hats in a separate closet...
sorry if it looks messy haven't had the chance to tidy it up. Hee.

And here's where I keep my styling clothes, skirts & pambahay wear hehe.
i know i know it's a mess! will fix this next hehe.

I seriously need a closet intervention or something. I need a closet planner! Or cleaner. Haha. I'm currently thinking/researching on ways to store my clothes AND shoes! My shoes are freakin' all over the place I fuckin' hate it. And this is not even all of it. I still have garment racks full of clothes. Insane. Mich suggested we turn the whole apartment into a walk-in closet, waaah! Maybe it's time to move to a 2-bedroom apartment yea?

Anyway, will be posting my Multiply buys tomorrow! So many good stuff that are too pretty not to share. You know I love you! Heeh.

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  1. i have that dress too! isn't it cute? i also like that colorblock sweater

    angie of pandaphilia fashion

  2. Yup, we have a serious case of bipolar weather. le sigh. Dapat may weather channel din satin. Ay wait, dapat muna efficient meteorology dep't pala :D

    Yikes, your wardrobe's packed :) you're so sweet to be selling well-loved stuff to us :D

  3. I've always been a fan of nautical style! <333

    I wish I could be a organized as that. Haha.

  4. For your shoes, I can suggest this kind of shoe rack: http://shoedaydreams.blogspot.com/2010/05/big-reveal.html I'm going to have one made for my room soon haha.

  5. I'm currently in the middle of my pre fall clean... it's been a loooong day, this is the only time I have questioned my love for shopping! You look adorable as a sailor!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. Your sailor dress is so cute! And don't worry, you're not the only one having problems with closets right now, I bet most fashion bloggers have the same problem too! hihi what we need is a walk-in closet! ^__^

  7. Love the flamin' locks *)

  8. Wow I really love your sailor dress, It's one of those lovely dresses that are notoriously hard to find. I myself have also been looking for a dress like that! Lucky you! :)

    Wow bongga! agree ako sa walk in closet idea, just imagine a room.. "just" a room for all of your fasyown stuff :) BONGGA!

    Kaye (http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com)

  9. great dress!
    you have a lot of clothes:)
    I also have problems with storing:(

  10. hey text me if you need help to fix your closet! =) I suggest you buy shelves for the shoes and I can bring you to dapitan to buy more organizers. =* -- oc oc mode nanaman meeee! lol!

  11. You are not alone. Naaawa ako sa shoes ko kapag nakahilera na lang sila sa sahig. Hahaha. I need a shoe cabinet!

  12. OMG I have that sailor dress! It's awesome you found it at Singapore. The one I bought at F21 in Megamall was the last one in stock. :D


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