Roses, roses and roses.

Last Sunday I went to Rockwell to meet up with my SCHU giveaway winners!:) Wore my favorite "garden" skirt with my bodycon dress (which I used as a top). Went for print on print again--florals this time. This has got to be one of my favorite combinations ever. :)

dress used as top-Fornari, skirt-shopdonata, wedges-Chickflick, bag & accs -from SG

with winners Gela & Joanna in Chocolate Schubar!

Gela and her pick--cute boots! I also wanted this hehe.

Joanna and her pick--lovely cutout flats:)

all 3 of us wearing our SCHU picks! Thank you for the belated bday gift!:)

this reminds me of olivia palermo:) silver brogues!

cute summer wedges;)

love these!:)

happy girlies!:)

Thank you again to Chocolate Schubar for sponsoring my giveaway. :)

Ate at Cafe Mediterranean afterwards. Love this sampler plate!

we're loving the food from the Cafe downstairs our apartment:)

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys what kept me busy today. I finally organized my shoes!!! Threw away my old wooden shoe cabinet (it has become a breeding ground for molds--eew!) and bought new plastic shoe racks from SM Depstore. Got inspired by Tricia G's post! I checked out the Muji racks she used and they're P1500 per set! Thank God for SM haha. Was able to save a lot!:)

shoe racks (P280 per set of 5), huge container for my bags (P350)

Tada! After 2 hours of cleaning hehe. Buying 2 more racks tomorrow.

got these in the mail! Happiness! :)

I finally got the cutout shoulder top I preordered from Multiply (yey!), my hair extensions (nice sha & kakulay ng hair ko!), accessories I ordered from MAUVE and accessories sent to me by Tati (thanks girl!) of BUBBLES!:) Can you say eye/neck/arm candy altogether? Accs heaveeeen.

Tassel earrings & necklaces & bangles from BUBBLES, others from MAUVE:)

Okay, now back to playing Sims and watching Entourage & MTV's new hit show "Awkward". It's the shiznit--you guys should watch it! 

P.S. Don't forget to join my Big Birthday Giveaway!:)


  1. wow, ang dami mong shoes! nice racks you got from SM ...

  2. wow lots of shoes. running for the position of Imelda Marcos.hehehe!!! Your playing sims. What Sims 3 or the Sims Pet?

  3. lot of shoes. Are you running for the position of Imelda Marcos for the woman has many shoes.hehehe. Your playing sims 3 or the sims pet?

  4. lovely outfit! i love the flower pattern combo :)

  5. Wow. You are very lovely, sexy and pretty here in your outfit. It suits you best. :)

  6. Heaven sa dami ng shoes!!! Winner ka! :)

  7. Wow. You are very lovely, sexy and pretty here in your outfit. It suits you best. :)

  8. These photos are so nice. It looks like you girls had such a good time! I'm really lusting over those metallic pair of brogues now. Ugh. Way too cute.

  9. you look fab! I'm loving your hair! I also want mine to be like that :) And I'm inlove with your shoes! haha! :)

  10. Thanks again Aisa! Suuuuuper love my shoes :D

  11. you have loads of shoes! i wanna hoard them!

  12. Gosh you are are mix and match master, love your new jewlery so into tassels!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  13. Ahhh! So jealous of the Schu winners. Btw, I love your outfit, too. Sooo nice. :)


  14. I grabbed some pics pala and I wrote about this here.

    Thanks again! :D

    Super Femme.

  15. ang cute ng boots ni Gela, suits her outfit well! and i like like like your bucket bag! =)

  16. Your floral-on-floral peg is so adorable! :D

  17. I love you hairrrr! <3 Super lucky ng winners! I love Schu and I also love Gela's pick!

  18. lovely outfit!!!! nice blog<3 that colorful skirt is great!!!

    follow each other? :)



  19. Lovely outfit! Really love your hair color now too! :)

    Kaye (http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com)

  20. YAY you wore it na!!! =) looks really nice on you! and you inspired me to fix my shoes ahaha congrats on the winners!! =)

  21. YAY you wore it na!!! =) looks really nice on you! and you inspired me to fix my shoes ahaha congrats on the winners!! =)

  22. you look so girly and sweet in that outfit! :)

  23. By the way, I love how you've organized your shoes! :)

    Kaye (http;//thestyleflux.blogspot.com)

  24. Those are some lucky winners. Im so jealous. I love your outfit btw. And yes- agreed. Awkward is the shiznit.

  25. Hi pretty!
    I really love your blog and your amazing style!
    I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too ( I hope you like it) ;)
    kisses from México city!

  26. oh my, i envy you for those shoes! plus the accessories pa...bongga! btw, really love your floral prints combo, very feminine and fun :)

  27. The shoes!! I loved how you organized it. I could stand at the center and look at the shoes for hours! XD

  28. hahaha. SM, i love it! I bought bins from there too. tapos may brand na you get a free plastic shoe box for every P400 total purchase na plastic bin. :) gandaa your shoe collection!


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