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I don't have outfit shots to share today since I was too lazy to dress up. Heeeh. I just slept the whole day and went out a little after 6pm to buy more shoe racks. But I'm sharing with you guys what came in the mail today! Yey!:)

happiness. hehe babaw.

got the doodle mat & tutu set I ordered from Babebi247!

also the suede skirt from The Posh Wardrobe!

shoes from Asian Vogue!:)

shirts sent by Mel & Katrina of Sexy White Shirt!:) Thank you!

my picks from Giordano! so excited to wear these gorgeous pieces. Yeey!:)

got a surprise visit from the niece!!! she wore the tutu as soon as she saw it. so cuuuute!!!

Also sharing with you guys a shoot I did a month ago. It's for an Hermes retailer. Bongga! The photos would be displayed in their private store here and in Singapore. :) I don't get easily smitten by designer bags but I really had a huge crush on the yellow one (the cheapest from the bunch for P900k)!:) Being in a room with almost $6million (or more?) worth of bags is pretty surreal--and scary. Haha. I really kept away from the bags! We were required  to wear gloves coz we might damage it. Only the model got away with holding it with her bare hands.

my favorite from the bunch--love the yellow!
love this set.

the crew:)

Final photos!
Most expensive bag from the bunch, I heard Jinkee Pacquiao wanted this but Manny told her it's too much!

And finally... I won Stylebible's Style Star of the week! Weeeeeee! Stooooked.:) Also sharing with you my Cosmo Russia feature along with other bloggers who I love love love!:)

 can you spot me? hehe

thank you Cosmo Russia!:)

my favorite bloggers--kani, anika & amanda are on it too!:)

also madeleine & lua!

as well as Chloe Ting, Maria Dela Cruz and the Skinny Hipster herself!:)

Thank you so so so much! Filipinos reprezent!:) Anyway, posting 2 more separate giveaways later. Stay tuned!:)

P.S. Have you joined my BIG GIVEAWAY?:)


  1. nice finds! ^^ Love the black pair of shoes, ^^.
    And ang bags!!! ^^ kelan kaya tau mkakabili lols, ^^.

    btw, have u received the shorts? I mailed it to Mich's office last week,

  2. aww, soo lovely, congrats for the achievement, hoping that it will happen to me too, haha I'm dreaming ;)

  3. Wow so many great and awesome things happening! I'm so happy for you! such a blessed woman :)

    Kaye (http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com)

  4. Congrats on being Style Star of the Week. I voted for you :)


  5. Those bags are so beautiful. Perhaps, one day I can own a Birkin :)

  6. Super loveeee the suede skirt!


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