Fancy Pansy

I love new things:)

customized shirts from Momo & Fufu

cute polka top & denim shirt from Pirouette! :)

accs from ANAGON (except the harlow inspired necklace which I bought from Port 88!) & flower brooch/clip from Aie!

all ANAGON except for the orange cheetah bangle from Mia Casa

new makeup sent by my Aunt from the US. Avon lip palette & eyeliner, Clinique eyeshadows, mascara & lip gloss, Maybelline lipstick

Oh! And wanna see something cool? I'm currently addicted to my new itouch app Stylish Girl! You will love this...

it's like Cher (of Clueless) revolving/computerized closet

I'm halfway done! My goal is to finish documenting ALL of my things--clothes, accs, shoes. I'm excited coz I know my effort would all be worth it! When I'm done I don't have to open my closet again just to mess it all up. Lol. I can plan my outfits using my itouch now!

portable closet--love.

you can create outfits and save them! Coolest ever.

my favorite--perfect for travelers like me! I can now ditch my outfits notebook. Haha

create outfits for different seasons & occasions

So excited to finish shooting everything. Goodbye mala Payatas closet! Would you try this app?:)


  1. I would...but I'd have to be super sipag to take out all of my clothes and take a photo of all of them. Maybe I 'd do it for the new pieces and see how I like it. Which I probably would because the one in Clueless blew my mind when it came out!

    But yeah...I think I would.

  2. Waaahh I want that app! Is that exclusively for itouch/iphone? I hope android has it too!!! :)

  3. Natawa ako sa "Goodbye mala Payatas closet!" haha, nakaka-relate ako. Gusto ko i-try yang app na yan! :)

  4. what cuteeee shirts and accessories! i love the polka dots and the fringe

    pandaphilia fashion

  5. This idea is so nice! Love your blog.:)

  6. It's every girl's dream app! winner

  7. Ooh, the app reminds me of Alicia Silverstone's closet app in Clueless!

  8. Love all of your new items! :)

    xx Kaye

  9. pax! I love the shirts :) its sooo cute:)

  10. those Pirouette tops are reaaally beautiful!! at, ang bongga ng app! like your very own polyvore! haha!

  11. wow, that's a cool app!

  12. I love your new things, especially yung mga tops from P-------e! hehe. Buti nalang you got to find a replacement house of harlow inspired necklace. :)


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