Out in the Sun & Day

Had a hectic Sunday due to a styling gig and pre-Philippine Fashion Ball last minute errands. Woke up at 6am (so earlyyyyy) then headed to Avida Towers, San Lazaro for a debut client photoshoot/mtv shoot. But first, here's what I wore...

shirt-from SG, skirt-thrifted, booties-Janeo, bag-from SG, overused accs (hehe)-iamgirlie, beadshop

Photos from the shoot...
first layout was shot in the room!

whimsical theme

2nd layout shot in the lobby

power photographer ash! hehe

searching for another location

found it! the final photos looked like it was shot somewhere hehe

stylist & hmuas

the team

 cutest kids everrrr. i think they'll be a great addition to going bulilit! hehe

After the photoshoot we had to wait for an hour for the videographer/director for the MTV  (who turned out to be a GMA director, wows!). Mich and I decided to kill time at SM San Lazaro (which is just across Avida). Went inside and Jellybean and ended up buying a pair of nice wedges!!! 

new arrival! i think this is P1200

it prettifies the feet! love the garter straps!

more shoes!!!

love this version of their colored wedges!

pretty floral, striped heels.

i also love the pink version of my shoes!

i want this striped ankle boots!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Jellybean staff for letting me take photos! Went to Oxygen next...
i have a huge crush on this oversized cardigan. hope they still have this, i wanna buy it!

bagay with my outfit noh? hehe. this retails for P1099

got addicted to this! and the way it's made is so entertaining. hehe

I was so tired when I got home. I did a quick seamstress & laundry run for my PFB gown and then took a quick nap. Woke up at around 7pm then headed to Eastwood for a dinner date and meetup with my blog giveaway sponsor Carla of redracks. :)

ate at taters, the service was so sloooow. bought Mrs. Fields cookies + happy lemon again!

There's a food bazaar inside Eastwood mall every weekend, so we did our regular rounds. Hehe. There are 2 stalls which sell Mochi ice cream but they get sold out super fast! :( Bought a bottle of gourmet tuyo & packed cuttlefish instead. 

i had Mich taste the gourmet tuyo--it's super good!

bought 1 bottle for P160

bought the cuttlefish from here--oh, how I miss Singapore. :)

Will blog about the bonggang Philippine Fashion Ball next! Also my Fab Manila & Cava bags giveaway (it's super grand I tell you!). Still consolidating prizes for my big one so watch out for that too. :) Oh before I forget, I will be a speaker at UP Engineering Society on thursday so hope to see you guys there! Other bloggers like Lexi, Camille, Kryz, Karl, Mike, Seph&Shai would be there too but we'll speaking at different colleges, so hope I bump into some of you. Don't forget to say hi!:)

P.S. Last few days for my Primadonna & SCHU shoes giveaway!

P.P.S. Thanks Joanna and Mich for correcting my previous post! Tama we were at Coffee Bean, not Seattles. Sorry!:)


  1. I really love your life! As in. :D And the Jellybean shoes are nice. I should check the store out. Can't wait to see your photos of the ball!
    Mars of fashion insouciance

  2. Love your new wedges!!! And you're right - the cardigan fits you and your outfit perfectly. :)


  3. waaaahh! lovin' those jellybean shoes agad.. <3 <3 <3

  4. That cardigan is indeed love. <3


  5. those kids are so cute, sarap maging 18 again! :P

  6. love your skirt and shoes, gorgeous x


  7. I love your blog! The shirt, the skirt...I LOVE EVERYTHING!
    I'm following you!

    Please visit my blog:

  8. Hello Aissa! I'm a relatively new reader to your blog, but I'm already hooked :)I <3 your finds.

    A batchmate pointed you out during our alumni homecoming (we went to the same HS!) and I was thrilled to discover that such a stylish girl went to SSAM! :D Looking forward to your fashion ball post!

  9. Cute kids!!! haha! you always look great, Pax!! God bless on your talk!! :)

  10. those booties are so pretty! i wanna get one! :)

  11. Wow!! You are really slim. Every shoes fit perfectly in you. :) Fighting! :)


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