Nude Run

No, I was not running nude somewhere. Haha! I just ran errands last Saturday in a nude colored ensemble.  Will post what I did today (Sunday) after this. So as I said, Saturday--I ran to different malls to pick up stuff and meet people. I wanted to wear something light and comfy so I opted to wear shorts ( as usual hehe) and chose a light color palette too...

top-Impulse Co, shorts-Forever 21, jacket & bag- from SG, wedges-c/o Primadonna, bracelets-SG & beadshop, ring-iamgirlie

I already told you about the super last minute Philippine Fashion Ball invite. Immediately after I got my invite, I texted some designer friends asking if I can borrow a gown or two and most of them said yes. :) So last Saturday, I decided to drop by MYTH, Greenbelt 5 to check if there's anything there I can wear. Saw 1 gown that's very promising! Here it is...

 joel escober gown:)

It's the one and only long gown that'll fit the occassion, most of the selections are of cocktail dresses. It's super gorgeous though! My only concern is the length and the belt made of gems. I have to be really really careful if I use this and the fabric is super delicate too. Hmm, let's just see tomorrow.:)

Pigged out at Pepper Lunch after! (super duper late lunch)

curry beef + kani salad, my fave!

We ran to Podium afterwards to pickup my blog giveaway prizes from Fabmanila & get the Dimple Lim gown I borrowed for the ball from Cath, Pam Quinones assistant. :) While waiting, we decided to have some tea & cookies at Coffee Bean.

morrocan tea (mint is my fave), spring peach tea & choco chip cookies

bought this card for P195 so that i can avail of the free wifi (which didn't work--FAIL)

Oh and I also bumped into Sarah of Fashioneggplant! She looks fasyown as always and I finally met her lovely daughter.:) 

After Rockwell, we went back to our apartment to drop off my packages and then ran to SM-Cubao for a quick pre-shoot (I have a styling gig the next day) shopping. I ended up buying things for myself and none for the shoot. Story of my life. Heeh.

wearing my fasyown Banana Peel flipflops! Stripes galore ang peg nia. :P

bahay lang? Lol! SM-Cubao is literally just 1 minute away from our place.

It's pretty obvious by now that Mich and I love eating. So here are more food shots. Lol!
waiting for my bacon @ Pancake House, Alimall.

my meal, pancake not in photo.Now I'm hungry shiiiz.

So here are my SM buys...
Prettiest green dress eveeeeeeeeer  for P650! And i love that the back is not garterized (i hate that)

Janeo ankle boots/wedge on sale for P600!

Dimple Lim gown! I might wear this tomorrow. It's fits me perfectly!

Fabmanila giveaway stuff. I swear so bongga! Will put this up next week:)

That's it! Have to roll now. Still have a lot to do tomorrow (pickup gown from laundry shop), salon, meetup with Aie, etc. Have an amazing Monday!:)

P.S. Don't forget to join my Primadonna shoes & SCHU giveaway!:)


  1. OMG! That green dress. Is it available in other colors? Like pink and purple?

  2. love the dimple lim gown!!!! wear it!!!

  3. @Yna - available in teal lang sis!!!

    @lloyda - i think i will wear this na nga! bahala na kung OA! heheh:)

    @Maria - thank yooou:)

  4. I fell in love with that purple gown all details are gorgeous, and so is that green with the so original back!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Thank you so much, my dear friend for your warm welcome. You are an angel.

  6. love this post! love your nude ensemble, your food shot, and your SM buys!!! :)

  7. Ang ganda ganda nung green dress....
    Mars of fashion insouciance

  8. And BTW, the Joel Escober gown is GORGEOUS!

  9. I am super enjoying your blog! will join your giveaways later, I am hoping I will win one. :D


  10. Hectic schedule indeed!

    I am sure you'll be gorgeous in the Dimple Lim gown. :)

  11. BEAUTIFUL OUTFIT BABE! Love the dress too---the gown options are TDF!

  12. i've been browsing through your blog and you're so fashionable!


  13. The Dimple Lim gown is gorgeous! I hope you wear that! By the way, I'm doing great, just a bit busy with work and all. I hope to see you guys soon! And yes, I would love to join the Fashion Blogger United 2. :)

    Have a great week, Aisa!

  14. im usually bad with flatforms.. but you look really good in yours !! i love your jacket too !

    www.glisters and blisters.com

  15. I can't wait to see how you rocked that gown!! excited!!! =)Also, this is the first time I saw you wering flipflops. =)

  16. Hi Aisa! I saw you last Saturday at CBTL, Rockwell with Mich. You might want to edit your post because you were not at Seattle's Best ;)

  17. Hey, I am an avid follower and do always read your posts but too lazy to comment he!he! but for this one I wanna say I love the shoes your wearing. its just so perfect with your outfit, nice for a weekend errand really!

  18. oh my! you are right! that is the prettiest green dress ever! i love the back! :)

  19. Aisa! I'm so envious of your green dress! So pretty! I must stop by SM soon!!! I also looove the gowns! You're so lucky you get opportunities to wear stuff like these <3 Can't wait to see your photos in them :)

  20. Hi Aish! I saw your pictures at Philippine Fashion Ball. :). Looking Gorgeous !! Fighting! :)


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