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Multiply.com has always been my go to place for shopping online. Most of you may have converted to facebook, but I still find shopping on Multiply more convenient especially with their newly launched payment system and marketplace listing. Have you tried it yet? You should!!! I swear kinda addicting. Lol. As usual I do my browsing during the wee hours of the morning (during work breaks). Heh. Let me share with you guys my experience & new multiply buys...

 cute skirt from Closet Clothing

 eye cream & underwear organizer (used it as an accessories organizer) from One Beverly Shop

Rosebud Salve mint balm, Elf blush brush, F21 gray nailpolish from House of Flair.

Amethyst lip/cheek tint & Sheer Mineral Primer from Ellana Minerals

 Preordered this cutout shoulder shirt from Dress Me Up Too.
Got most of my orders in the mail today--yey!!! Only after 3 days:) 

 Now here's how you order--as easy as 1-2-3!


You can search items being sold via the new system via the marketplace. :) Sort your searches by clicking the categories on the side.:)
This is how a product listed via the new system looks like. I super love the drop down selection and the big photos! (i hate the resized photos via the old school uploading). When you're ready to buy the item click the BUY NOW button.:)


You can instantly checkout or you can store your favorite items here and go back later. You can shop from as many stores you want. They will all be stored here. However, you can't checkout items separately. :(

 note the detailed summary of your order! you can always enter a new address.:)

Here's what the checkout page looks like. You can always change your address. Choose your preferred mode of payment from the list. :)

 * Multiply's official courier is XEND but they're in the process of adding more couriers. A seller has the option to add her preferred courier though.


If you choose to pay via GCASH, this page will load. Just type your mobile number in the box, press continue and after 5 seconds you will receive a text from 2882 or Globe asking for you GCASH pin. Failure to reply within 5 minutes cancels the transaction. The process is similar when you're cashing out gcash money. 

6. BDO/BPI Payment
This page will appear if you choose BDO or BPI as payment method. Multiply has partnered with BDO and BPI for bank deposit payments. Upon payment, your deposit slip would immediately appear on your transaction page as proof of payment. So cool!

6. Successful Payment & Order Completion
I love the details and order updates! I didn't even text the seller to confirm payment or shipment! So convenient for both parties. :)

7. Inquire
You will see this INQUIRE button for pre-ordered items. Saw it when I ordered a pre-order korean top! The pages below will appear next when you click the Inquire button...


The seller then contacted me the next day, updated the order, then a PAY NOW button appeared on the page (sorry forgot to take screenshot). I chose BDO.

So now all I have to do is pay before the cutoff and wait for my item! No need to confirm since after depositing, your payment slip would appear on this page. :)
Easy peasy right?! I now have a gazillion items in my shopping cart!  Decisions, decisions. Hehe. Will post more buys soon, Show me yours!:)

*Read more about the Multiply Buyer's Guide HERE.


  1. Thanks for the info! I've always bought stuff from Multiply before but was hesitant in trying out the new system. Will give it a go now since I know what to expect. hehe. :) xx

  2. Wow this is great! thank you for sharing! :)

  3. Speaking of multiply, please check out my multiply site http://schmug.multiply.com/ you might like something Pax! :)

    Thank you! :)

  4. been looking high and low for a cut-out shirt! thanks for the heads up :)

  5. Sayang not a lot of people have PayPal. I'm such an avid PayPal user. Lol. And, just for the record, you are one of the people I prefer to buy clothes from online. :)


  6. Hello Pax! :)

    I can't remember how I discovered your blog past two months. I'm not used to "fashion stuff" but funnily, I really dig on your style (and your sense of humor). So I love to learn from you about fashion styles. I enjoy reading all your blog entries about shopping, food trips, traveling, beauty stuff, funny stories, etc.

    I'm writing here because I just want to let you know that I'm a new fan. Keep it up. :)


  7. Its been ages since I last bought something at a Multiply shop. Guess I should give it a go again. =)

  8. Wooow.That's how it is.To begin with, I have known online shopping in facebook. And I have just peeked the door of online shopping in multiply recently because of the blogs I have been reading like yours. So this article of yours is a great help for me and for the newbies of online shopping. Thanks for the wonderful and informative info. Fighting! :)

  9. that shirt is beautiful!

  10. love this article!

  11. Haha. coincidentally, i did create a face book page for my shop last week lang.

    But i really am keeping my multiply online shop as my main store. Boohoo! seeing all this reminds me that I must update it soon!


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