Polka Party

Attended a polka themed children's party last Saturday! It was so much fun dressing the part plus bonding with Robinsons friends. :) It was also the perfect time to debut my polka strap Aldo watch! Oh, and until nowmy friends are still teasing me for wearing a bra-peeking top at a children's party. I know, fail. Haha.

knit top-Ralph Lauren (thrifted); skirt-custom made; shoes-New Look; belt-SM; bag-from SG;
polka watch-c/o Aldo
friends since my Robinsons days:)

kim, me, aimee, kitin


how cute is my friend Ariane's baby?:) polka love!

me and only (this baby girl is a print ad model! bongga!)

My Rob friends are crazy like me!
feeling children? hahaha
improvised polka dots! wahaha
cge pa..
polka lips. lol

i look like shit but here i am with the bday girl baby Jana and my good friend Kathy!:)

love this house:) 

That's it! Meeting up with friends always make me happy. :) In other news, I got an invite to the Preview Best Dressed Ball! Waaaah, so freakin' cool. But I don't think I will be going coz I don't have anything to wear. :( I'd be going to the Topshop/Preview party though--so see you guys there!:) So many things to do, so little time. Can't wait for all my shoots to end so I can shoot my new Archive pieces! And they're pretty as ever I tell you! So many pieces I want to keep for myself.  Same old, same old. Heeeh.


  1. omgosh to adorable! a polka dot party :) I love that knitted mesh top and that skirt :)


  2. What a cute idea for a party! Your bag is so beautiful!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. Awww! A polka dot party, how fun! ;) I love the outfit you chose to wear.. the skirt is fun and flirty. The watch is adorable as well.

    Hope you're doing great, hun!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. I may not post a comment in each of your blog posts but I've been stalking your blog, Pax! heheh! I love how you mix clothes! Love your polkathemed outfit! <3


  5. Cute outfit! :) lovin' your knitted top!


  6. am always loving your shoes and bags.. as in always.
    would love your outfits for myself but im quite on the plus size :)

    you're so pretty always. :)

  7. im in love with your cute skirt and shoes!!!


  8. CUTENESS!!! :)))

  9. Wow. I love your knit top! I envy you for having been able to wear a bra underneath it! nice! and your skirt is lovely!:D

  10. wowww the polka skirt is sooo cuteee *__*


  11. oh, i love that skirt and that house too! sooo beautiful! :)

  12. OMG! I love your outfit! :) So posh!



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