Announcements: hear ye, hear ye!

Okay so here's another batch of annoucements and events! From sale events to product launches. Happy Shopping!

new styles uploaded at my blog sister Denise's online store SHOEETIQUETTE.BLOGSPOT.COM!!!

new uploads too at my blog sister Gizelle's online store SHOPYAPI.COM! (want the orange dress!)

new stocks of accs at IAMGIRLIE.MULTIPLY.COM!

new fragrance from Oxygen!!!

...and new graphic tees! XSERIES x Roy Macam:)

Lastly, your favorite Rockwell Supersale Bazaar is back! Leave a comment below if you want to get in for free.:)

SuperSale Bazaar would like to invite you to

Our mid-year designer sale – The July Transitional Phase. We are glad to present you sartorial one-of-a-kind pieces from our favorite local designers as well as new online brands.

Transition with us and our brands through the rainy season ahead and Fall in love with our Autumn trends.  

We are once again giving you a little head start on all of must-have items to transition ever so gracefully before we break into the Holiday season by giving you sartorial brads like Olivia & Fifth, Glitterati, Moonshine, Celline, Kitty and Bee, Fancy Flats, Sole Service, Soak Swimwear, Tonic, Androgyny, Suelas, Posh Pocket Shoes, I Love Koi, Vida Jewelries, Eight One, and lots more.

I know, sinful right? Time to save guys. Hehe.


  1. Aisa! Count me in sa Rockwell bazaar :)

  2. Can I be the lucky girl who can win your free ticket to the SupesSale Bazaar? :) Thanks!


  3. Oh gosh, bazaar nanaman! Do want! :)

  4. Aisa, I want to go to Rockwell bazaar! :)

  5. me and my boyfie pleease ^_^
    Arizia Sumilang and Karl Cantor

  6. I want to have free invites. Can I have 2 pax? heheheh

  7. would it be too presumptuous to ask to get into the Rockwell Bazaar Please :3 i've been a good girl and haven't shopped at all in a month! :))


  8. I'd love to go to the bazaar! :( This event will surely help my wallet! 90% off woot! <3

  9. Pwede pa ba? I want to get a free pass too! :)

    Tanya Baldovino


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