TOPSHOP x Preview Party

So I attended the TOPSHOP/TOPMAN x Preview party just like 6 hours ago and it was more fun than I expected. Theme was Brit Highstreet and I think almost everyone dressed the part. I brought along my bff Catch and now I officially declare him my events partner! I usually feel weird not knowing anyone in a party, but not with him. Hihi. It was also nice seeing and catching up with gorgeous gals Ally, Hannah and Angela! :) Here are photos from the event!

Catch (visit his blog!!!)--so fasyownnn

shirt & blazer-thrifted vintage, skirt, bowtie & bag-from SG, boots-H&M

So I came up with this outfit an hour before leaving for Opus. Haha! I just mixed and matched old pieces I saw in my closet. I basically built my outfit around my yellow bowtie. :) And you all know that is a midi skirt but I'll let you in on my secret. I just tucked the front in my underwear. Hahaha. I wanted it to stand out so there you go. Jologs pero keri na! Lol!

I then met up with Ally (you know her too well as the girl behind Golddot!). Love her outfit.

fierce shoooees! she made this!:)

Ally and the female network girls--hi Patricia!


 hi sir john! it's always nice seeing you:) (he was my styling teacher)

with ally

 angela (lushangel) & hannah (flaircandy)

ally, raleene and kryz

So here's a funny but cool story. Catch and I kept looking at Divine Lee (she was gorgeous by the way) but we were both too proud to take photos with celebrities. Haha! And then the unexpected happened, Divine and Victor headed to the bar, then Victor saw Catch and to our surprise he actually went to our table and asked Catch if he could take a photo of him! It's you already! Hahaha. Catch then asked Victor where Divine was, so we followed him and talked to Divine (who was so nice and gracious). Catch then sales-talked Divine into meeting Ally coz we were certain she'd love her and her shoes. While Catch was talking to D, I was scrambling with my cam to find the photo I took of Ally's shoes so I could show it to Divine. And then just like an apparition Ally appeared beside Divine! It was a great meeting coz Divine asked for her card. I'd like to think it's the start of a good business relationship between them. So yey!

Met a lot of amazing people and caught glimpses of my ex-bosses. Epic. Haha. So that ends my post. Happy 10th year anniversary TOPSHOP! For all you Topshop fanatics out there, they'll be launching a makeup line very soon so watch out for it!:)


  1. where to next? hahahahaha. thanks again babe!


  2. you and catch look so cute! funny your english translation of "ikaw na nga!" :P love divine's clutch, i follow her blog, mother becky is hilarious!!

  3. laufftrip k tlg sis lol! ang kyot ni catch! miss you two!~

  4. wow ally's shoes' is fierce! sooooooo fierce! and hey ganda ng outfit mo teh <3

  5. ang ganda lang ni mother DIVINE!!! I love your blazer pax!

  6. ms. ally's shoes - WOW. and clever idea to tuck your skirt! =)

  7. WOW those are some killer shoes! I like!


  8. thanks mga sisters!!!! hehehe

  9. haha nakakatawa yung sa underwear:) love your blog:)


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