PENSHOPPE Blogger Styling Challenge

I attended Penshoppe's SM-North Edsa store opening and it was wild! In a good way. :) Will post about the actual event soon. They conducted a Blogger Styling Challenge where groups of 3 bloggers each were assigned 1 mannequin to dress up. I came late so we started late and finished late, but I really love what we came up with! We avoided using pieces that were already used by other groups. So we ended up with this Hobo meets Preppy meets Military inspired outfit. It's already posted on Penshoppe's facebook page but our mannequin is not that visible unlike the other groups. :( So I'm posting more close-up and detailed photos here!

orange plaid shirt + oversized gray knit layered cardi + beige parka jacket & dogtag layered necklaces with cargo pants + houndstooth belt & highcut sneaks. 

with groupmates Aie and Belle

I know we're up against more popular and influential bloggers, but at this point we're not really after winning anymore. I also don't have anything to giveaway except for my other existing giveaways (hope you already joined!). But you already know how much I love you guys, so I hope you'd take the time (a small small amount) from your day to vote for us. :) It would only take 1 minute of your time, I promise.

1) Like Penshoppe's facebook page http://www.facebook.com/penshoppeofficial
2) Like our entry here : http://t.co/R8XX3zg

That's it. Thank you so so much in advance. You guys are the best. :)


  1. WHAT THE HOOLAHOOP ARE YOU SAYING? you are a popular blogger.

    oh the over rated bloggers? hahahahhaha.

    love your dress. so dyosa!

  2. Ang dami niyo na kayang votes! Ni-like ko na kayo even if hindi mo pa sinasabi! ;)

  3. "popular and influential bloggers" ikaw kaya yun!!! See you on Friday!! =)

  4. i love the plaid shirt! i didn't see that at Penshoppe! good luck on the challenge :)

  5. voted for your entry!! haha.. i lili lily like it! hope that fb allows multiple liking..jk! its so fab! :) <3


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