I'm in Vintage Heaven

I don't usually go down South coz it's like another country to me, seriously. But when I got an invite to check out Funky Plum Vintage--a boutique in Pergola Mall, BF Paranaque--it swayed me and of course I said yes. They had me at the word "vintage". Heeh. The owners were also kind enough to fetch me at someplace I know (glorietta) and then dropped me off after. Now that's what you call great service!:)

Anyway, here are the photos from my visit the other day. I hope you appreciate their amazing store interiors and lovely items as much as I do. 

Funky Plum Vintage is a specialty store that offers personalized boutique type services such as personal shopping, style consultations, customization & alteration. Their inventory consists of one-of-a-kind designer stock lots (Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Chloe, DVF, etc.). Their pieces are all vintage or vintage-inspired.

The first thing I noticed is their store set-up/interiors. It's very well designed, well thought of.
Their window display is so nice too! Even the styling. I love it.

Also got to meet the store's gorgeous owners who were sooooo nice, machika & accommodating. :)

 Sheila's gorgeous accs! Made by FPV's artisan:)

So without further ado, here's a tour of their lovely store and all the treasures you'll find inside. All items were personally handpicked by the owners! Wanna know the best part? Items are priced reasonably. Nothing above P1k except for their handmade accessories. Temptation island at it's best! Hehe. Oh and did I tell you they alter for free?:)

 dresses galore

 gorgeous maxi dress! love the super low back:)

 love the patchwork on this jacket!


my favorite--a fully beaded/sequined dress!

lace love (with owner Sheila)

Sheila demonstrating how to wear their brand new but vintage designed multiway top. They're coming up with new designs/styles, so watch out for it!

Of course they don't just offer clothes, FPV also carries chic & affordable accessories --bags, shoes, necklaces, headpieces, belts and more! 

authentic Balenciaga bag (didnt ask how much hehe)

Can't help but notice this ultra chic zebra print boots, Eco bags & cute buttons

more necklaces & H&M heels

necklaces, head pieces, sunnies

love their wire accs, wooden square cuffs, oversized pearl necklace & feather hairpiece!

Their accessories are specially designed & crafted exclusively for FPV by a skilled artisan:) Cool huh? 

They're made of copper & brass hardware mixed with semi precious stones:)

love the feather details!

Accs shelf

original vintage & modern vintage shoes

vintage bags

cute rings

This belt was owned by the owner's grandma! I think they're gonna sell replicas of this soon, yey!:)

I really had so much fun trying on a whole rack of clothes (hehe) and talking to the owners! My photog friend Christine also dropped by, so double the fun! She also tried on clothes and wasn't  able to resist buying a cute vintage green/yellow dress. :)

Thank you again Sheila & Tata for one amazing shopping night/experience!

I'm in vintage heaven:)

I was so lucky coz they made me take home my favorites. Thank you Sheila!

Yiiiii can't wait to wear them and show 'em to you! We're also brewing something for you guys, so check in often.:)

Visit them at:
2nd Level of The Pergola Mall
BF Homes, Paranaque City Phil.
 (they're opening a Makati branch soon--yey!!!)

Landline (02) 781-3392
Mobile  0920 923 21 87


Facebook: seamora corp


  1. Wow you are one lucky girl to grab some your favs! I wish I was able to go back to P.I. soon and visit this store!


  2. Lovely items. I love the Zebra print boots. =)

  3. The lace dress is so pretty :)
    I definitely love the vintage dresses and the accessories, nice!

    You got so much stuff! can't wait to see you style them.


  4. pax, you hafta get the flum maxi dress with the low back. bagay sayo. BUY IT!!!


  5. truly a heaven place to be... love the necklaces <3

  6. Gosh, that's heaven in deed! So much to love from that store! That maxi was flawless on you, loved the balenciaga so hot right now!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  7. we have almost identical picks! :P i think im going back for the longsleeved lace dress on saturday if it's still there. crossing my fingers! :)

  8. Paranaque's like a different world to me too, but I plan to go there this weekend just to see this shop. Really lovely dresses they have there.


  9. Aww so inggit! This is definitely vintage heaven. Too bad it's so far away. :( I loove the black dress you took home Pax! <3

  10. i'm surprised you didn't get the maxi dress! it looks super flattering on you! tagal ko ngang tinignan sayo eh, gorgeous gorgeous! =)

  11. Ano be! I'm from the South and I always say the Funky Plum sign in BF Paranaque but I never thought of dropping by. Nauna ka pa sa akin. Haha! I loooove the clothes! I should check it out soon!

  12. What a great looking store! cant wait to check it out <3


  13. Wow, fabulous store.. They have great clothes, accessories,shoes and many more.. All you need is money to buy all these things.. :) The fashion style was great and you can choose if you want to look great in the street in your street fashion style.

  14. I'm always in Pergola every weekend for grocery shopping at Robinson's and I always see this shop sa tapat ng stairs.I never had the chance to go inside though. Might check it this Sat! :P

  15. oh my! there are a lot of lovely pieces in this store! it's a pity this is too far from me.

  16. Yey for makati branch! ang layoooo ng paranaque kasi hahaha

  17. Why not the maxi dress?!?! How much was it?! So niiice! and those HM heels!!! love!


  18. vintage clothing related post is good.. everyone wants to wear vintage clothes..

  19. i bet everything in that store will fit you ms. aisa.. jk! that long dress looks so nice to you ahh.. <3


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