So chica, Kashieca.

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to drop by Kashieca (Shangrila branch) as part of my Suyen's shopping challenge. And here's a little trivia to start my post: Did you know that Kashieca was first established in 1988 by sisters Karen, Camille & Sheila Santos (hence the name)?  Since way back, it has already focused on classic styles that appealed to yuppies, young moms and even students. Fast forward to 2004, it was adopted and embraced by the Suyen group. The classic styles (what it's known for) was retained but it was enhanced and revamped, opening it to the more "chic"market. It's the place where you''ll find the perfect clothes to lounge in on a lazy sunday afternoon, when you're just reading a book while having tea, or for a long walk on the beach with your sweetheart. :)

cute interiors:)

Did some browsing and picked out my faves:)
Took home 2 cute clothes for just P1400+! (see them here). Oh dear, If I can just take home all my faves! Haha. Outfit post next. :) 

Visit your nearest Kashieca branches HERE. :)

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