The Men's Section

I'm the kind of girl who prefers wearing loose fitting tops or shirts. It is to hide my abnormally thin body which I  hate so much. That's why whenever I go shopping, I sometimes spend more time browsing through the men's section/racks. The black oxygen mesh shirt I wore on my previous SG post was from the men's section, my CPS Chaps rock&roll shirt too, and now this. Oh how I love men! Este, the men's section. LOL.

plaid shirt-c/o Bench, shorts-thrifted, bag-from SG, laceup wedges-c/o jellybean

bracelets-fareast plaza, eastwood bazaar & Rubi, watch-c/o Aldo

The shirt is part of the shopping challenge/blog collaboration with Suyen brands. See some of my buys HERE. I've been raving about how versatile this shirt is, plus the material is so soft and doesn't feel heavy. And I don't have to say over and over again how much I love my interchangeable strap Aldo watch. It's a good steal for P1495 coz you get not 2 but 4 straps! It's perfect for my ever changing style and moods. Heh.

Anyway, I wore this to a very tiring day of pullouts for a shoot tomorrow. I'm styling a pretty politician's wife (clue: A.Z.)! And then on Friday I'm styling for Fashion Depot's cover c/o the clothing brand RRJ. Our cover girl is a pretty morena actress from the Kapuso network (I'm beginning to sound like fashionpulis.com, hihi!). Here are some random shots from my "strolling". Taken using an ipod touch.

 instagram love!

cute shoes from jellybean--i likey!

Anyway, above everything else, I just want a nice decent sleep. Wheeeeeeeeen? Haha.

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  1. hi thanks for giving me an idea about that plaid shirt. i like it. im going to buy one for me and for my bf, thats make a couple shirt thing. haha :) you always manage to entertain me alot, i love reading your blogs. :)-patrica

  2. great outfit, love how u styled everything and paired them with those awesome shoes! :)


  3. Nakaka-miss ang blogs nyo. Huhuhuhu. I love the getup, btw. Sana I can wear that at the office.

  4. Those jellybean shoes are so pretty! I've been seeing a lot of good Jellybean shoes lately...I haven't gone to that store yet, so I think I will check it out real soon. I admire you for being so good at pulling off men's clothes! I could ever do that. Haha! I love your job, being a stylist is really great.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  5. Love the getup! Lookin' good! I love the men's section, too. Hehe. http://lookbook.nu/look/2088225-Fight See? :)

  6. i totally get on the boy's clothes thing. All my brother's clothes practically live in my closet. And hey just so you know, im HELLA jealous of your thin-ness. Embrace it <3


  7. Love the men's department look!:) Work et! Haven't tried shopping sa men's..medyo takot haha pero I will soon!:D inspired! haha,

    Love the shoes!!

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