PFW Snapshots

Photos taken by and with friends & acquaintances:) Meeting people who have the same interest as me, makes this 1 week affair so much fun. Can't wait for October:)

nicole & jonessa

with depot writer Rita :)

with THE David Guison. hehe

with Maureen of http://mestizay.blogspot.com/

and her friend who works for Manila Bulletin style weekend:)

my bessy Jear, his mom and lia:)

fashyown lowla:)

with the lovely ladies of Golddot--Ally and Averyl

with mah love Jeroy!

Bianca and friends:)
with mah girl Kookie!:)

with Lexi of the second shop

Colorblocking ang peg! Haha. with Randy & Ryuji--FIP reprezeeent

thank you Extremefinds!:)

with mah blog sister Ana

one more time. 

with HS friend Nina who came with Carol!:)

pakner in crime

with pretty girl Efril

with ex-Robinsons officemate who's now a merchandising manager for Penshoppe-- Jean!

FIP friends;)

I know it's late but I'll be posting the best I've seen last PFW on my next blog entry (jerome ang, kermit tesoro, brands, etc). And oh! Remember my Forever 21 playlist obsession? My search was sooo worth it! Got to download amazing songs along the way. And found another F21 track! Not in Love by Crystal Castles. Go download nooow. :)

P.S. Banana Peel & Ichigo shoes giveaway coming soon!!!:)


  1. It's amazing to see so many stylish people together, so much to love and to be inspired from!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. I loved your pic.


  3. gorgeous photos seems super fun

    check out my new post dear


  4. love your group pic! so nice and that lace dress w the peter pan collar is fantastic! :)

  5. Natawa naman ako sa fashyown lola. Cute! :))

  6. can't wait for the giveaway! :)

  7. I love your lace dress!!!

  8. I snatched a photo teh! sorry na! =)

  9. That Lola is sooo cool! Looks like a super fun event! nice photos! :)

  10. i really like it when bloggers get together!

  11. Hello dear, I'm loving your style - I found you with enstyle on facebook :)

    I have a question though - who is the girl in the first photo in the middle - with hat and the feather hat?:) Does she has a blog too?

    Kisses honey, you're fabulous :***


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