Sweet Sugary Spice

So today, I' ve been obsessing over Forever 21's playlist. I even asked my F21 contacts but unfortunately and apparently it is top secret. So... I'm using all my powers to find them one by one! Already found one--Animal by Neon Trees. Thanks to Gela's boyfriend for the help. :) And now, a random outfit post. Just because...

top-Forever 21, jumper dress-Archive Clothing, shoes-Asianvogue, bag-Ichigo

Oh, and I'm also obsessing over a new itinerary! Singapore-Malaysia bound. Yes I'm going back to SG on the 17th!!!:) Yeeey. Will be there for 10  days. Thought I need a change of environment. I might like it, I might not. Let's see. :) Can't hardly wait. 

P.S. my blog sister Denise Katipunera uploaded new shoes! Head over to her online store-- Shoe Etiquette!



  1. u look lovely, i hope you find the songs and share with the rest of us later =)

  2. loving the cute outfit! the shoes and the hat top off everything!x

  3. ang cute lang, pax! 10 days in SG??? Saraap!

  4. love your jumper dress! oh and your bag too!

    perfumed red shoes

  5. 10 days woot! Umoutfit ka ng bongga dun tey! =) can't wait for the otd's =)

  6. love the outfit! and your shoes!!!! WOW!


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