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I know everyone's posting about the past week (Philippine Fashion Week), but I'm holding that off for a while. For once, I'm posting in real time. Lol. Here goes...

So I tried to go to my dermatologist today(at Burgundy Place Katipunan), but too bad so sad she was not there. So I guess I'll just do the derma post tomorrow.I just went to Megamall for some last minute shopping for my Singapore trip this Thursday (yeeey) and a meeting with the owners of Chicify.com. It went really well and I'll share with you guys what we talked about really soon! So here's my outfit for the day!

 sweater top-Zara men, pants-thrifted, shoes-c/o Shoe Etiquette, bag-Fabmanila

I also dropped by Book Sale today! It's my happy place. I could just go in there and get lost for hours. Heee.

search search search
luck came late for Mich! hehe
new reads.

I also passed by St. Francis square (mall across Megamall) to buy some new peepers for my upcoming trip. I don't condone imitation but what can I do? I can't afford the real ones! Lol.

Fell in love with the leopard print one! And love the rubberized plain black one.
Trying them on! Also wearing my F21 neon green bandeau. Beach lang the peg sa sobrang init. Lol.
 Also, last fashion week I was able to take a home a lot of pretty new things..
silver notebook, hand and body wash/gel, designer necklace, mesh kit, tote bag

Wrangler ref magnets, Oxygen shirt, Rusty Lopez clutch, MEMO usb, Regatta tote, GCs:)

 bought this using F21's GC! All for P600:)

 Penshoppe buys! All for P1K! Loveeee the green military jacket:) Shirt for Mich.
 Here's me opening the For Me box/gift:)

 the chair--cutest thing ever:)

 Cute shirt! Also loved the pearl necklace that came with the chair.

And don't you just hate it when your makeup runs out all at the same freakin' time?! Ugggh. So mahalia jackson (in english: wallet burn). Today I did some makeup shopping at Watsons.

 Neutrogena moisturizer (SPF 50), Sally Hansen nailpolish, Revlon photoready powder
Fashion 21 lippy. for P155! Shade: Prom Date. Also tried on my new nailpolish:)

Oh, and Mich is done packing for our trip! Boooooo!

Anyway, I want you all to know that I read each and every comment you post here. :) Some of you had questions so I decided to do an all answers segment. Hehe. Read on...

1.) PHOTOS: All my photos were taken using a Lumix-LX3. I usually edit my photos using adobe photoshop and picnik.com.

2.) HAIR: My hair is naturally straight. I just had it permed (cold perm not the digital one) last year. The curls are now gone haha so I just use a hair iron to curl it sometimes. Hair products I use are: Watsons Pure Beauty shampoo and conditioner, VO5 heat defense spray, Vitresse. That's it! I usually get my hair done at Albert Mutuc (located along p.tuazon near Ali Mall).

3.) WORK: I'm on my 7th year of being employed. I previously worked for BPI, Robinson's head office, Branders.com. I'm presently working homebased for an SEO firm in New York, an associate editor for Depot Fashion Mag and web editor for Depot Fashion & Home. I also own an online vintage store Archive Clothing and do freelance fashion styling.

4.) STYLIST: Although I just consider myself a hobbyist, I tell you it is not an easy job. It is fun but hard as hell. For starters, I took a styling class at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I was under John Hererra before. Stylist extraordinaire Ryuji Shiumitsu now handles the styling classes there. I had to do free/portfolio shoots for quite sometime before real styling work came rolling in.

5.) SCHOOL: I studied at St. Scholastica's Academy of Marikina from Prep til 4th year high school. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from UST. :)

6.)  THRIFT: I don't usually stick to just one store. I do thrift shopping in 4-6 stores in one go. I'm passionate like that. LOL. 

7.) SHOES: I usually get my shoes from Chickflick, Ichigo, Asianvogue, Daintyshop, Forever 21, Primadonna, Department Stores, Ebay!!!

That's it for now! If you have any more questions, just leave a comment below and I'll try my best to answer each one of them. :) More posts tomorrow! Toodles. xo

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P.P.S. I'll see you all on May 27 at the Blogger's Bazaar! 
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  1. Waah I love your outfit. Looks so chic and comfy!!!

    And The rule of four is a must-read!!! About the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (that's a mouth full) haha.

    Ingat on your trip and have fun. :)

  2. hehe, mahalia jackson! love gay lingo :) i really enjoyed reading your question answer thing, you should do it more often :)

  3. stay adorable and interesting dear ;)

    enjoy your SG trip! looking forward to that blog post soon ;)

  4. it was great to get to know you mre through the question/answer post1 your so lucky to get all the cool swag :) btw love the outfit the pants are killer! <3


  5. Why do i think, whatever you wear
    look good on you? :D

    Amazing outfit and loved the lippy!


  6. I love your shoes! ^^


  7. very interesting answers to those questions, ngayon ko lang nalaman! :)

  8. One word to describe you - FABULOUS!

  9. I loove your uncle boots so niice,cute girl

  10. I love Booksale! It's also my happy place! :) Btw, I look forward to your Singapore travel posts. I'll be visiting SG next month.. so excited! Can't wait for some travel tips and cool ideas from a fashionista like you. God bless! Happy trip! :)

  11. excellent questions and answers! so nice to find out more about a blogger!

    you definitely picked up some great finds here :)

    x Lauren

  12. Your posts are interesting! :)

  13. woah learned so much about you in this post :) about your work, education, and fave shops! :D


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