PFW: What I Wore Edition

I would like to share my outfits from the 4 days I was at SMX to witness Philippine fashion at it's finest. Will post photos from shows I watched next. :) Anyway, here are my outfits-- starting off with the latest!

maxi dress-DKNY, striped dress-thrifted, blazer-Ensembles, bag-Landmark, shoes-Chickflick

Saturday (with my friend Lia and blogger friend Kookie!)
top-Dorothy Perkins, skirt-SM, wedges-Ichigo, necklace-Accessorize, bag-Fabmanila

Friday (with THE David Guison,lol)
lace dress-Forever 21, wedges-Chickflick, vintage bag -Liz Claiborne

Thursday (with mah girl Aie)
shirt, shorts, blazer-thrifted, shoes-chickflick, bag-ebay

Wednesday (you already saw this!)
jacket-Ann Taylor, dress-Chocolate Clothing, boots-ebay, bag-Ichigo

That's it! Will post more photos later or tomorrow.:) Loved all the shows I went to and love all the people I met!:)

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  1. Wala tayong photo together! :( I saw you at a show and I was waiting for you to look my direction so I could say Hi but you didnt haha :( And I didnt wanna shout na! Oh well, See you on the 27th! <3

  2. So glad i stumbled across your amazing blog via twitch vintage.. i will be stalking it in the future!


  3. saw you twice yesterday! too shy to approach you :( parang nagmamadali ka kasi maglakad nung sa ground floor :) then the second one was ang daming tao. :) sayang :S

  4. Totally in love with that lace dress, so pretty! I couldn't believe my eyes it's f21, awesome!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Wow you and kookie look amazing pax! I didn't attend any shows na after thurs. MOtherly duties!;c It was lovely meeting you!

  6. love all your outfits that you wore! the green shorts are so cool! :) the lace dress looks beautiful on you! cam't wait to wear mine too! :)


  7. sanga, ang ganda ng last photo. ano setting neto? ahaha.. mas maganda talaga ata pag natural light!

  8. I also saw you in PFW wearing that blue dress (the last image in this post) I was hesitate to say hi to you:( Your much prettier in person pala :)Hope to meet you if ever I drop by in Blogger United on May 27 :)
    Big Hug from Glenn of Gencified

  9. It was nice seeing you Paxieeee!hihi.almost everyday ata!haha!love the outfits:)

  10. i love how you styled the dress from Chocolate clothing! ngaun ko lang narealize un pala un! lol! not reading- slaps face!

  11. wii im so happy na nakita na kita irl! all of your outfits are very stylish but my fave is the lace dress from f21! =)

  12. Great outfits! I love your Dorothy Perkin's top!!! :)


  13. wowowowow, lahat ata favorite ko!

  14. Super duper love the outfits <3

  15. Georgeous!



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