Why so POSH?

So last Tuesday, I--with my blogger sisters--was treated to a fabulous pampering session by Posh Nails. :) I arrived super early since I had to meet the owner, the amazing Cat Ilacad. When I got there I swear I was truly treated like a queen (like all the other clients who were there)! Everyone was nice and they serviced me immediately. They also offered me some snacks. Yum. All bloggers were treated to a pampering package. Cat was the one who chose mine--Pinacolada--since it was also her favorite. The sound of it transported me to another world as I thought of palm trees, seashore, wide brim hat, and yes I was served pinacolada ( I opted for the non-alcoholic one). Hehe. Cat said she personally made the mixture. Posh Nails is really her labor of love.

Starting off with my outfit for the day:) (also my Friendster interview outfit hehe)

leotard top-yvonnes, skirt-vintage thrifted, shoes-Chickflick

@the newly renovated POSH NAILS Tomas Morato cor Timog branch:) Too pretty!
Cat (center) with Faye and Posh Tomas' store manager:)

I love Cat's pink balenciaga!

I chatted with Cat for a few minutes before she had to leave for a meeting. She showed me all the new nail polishes she brought in from Hongkong and US. My favorites are Katy Perry x OPI and OPI shattered!:)

OPI Katy Perry (the glittered one), ELENA Cracked, Black Shatter
OPI Shatter, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber (yes the biebs has his own line of nailpolish!!! haha)

And my session starts!:)
Thanks Ate Neneth:)

After an hour....
they just apply a mattifier (is it the right term? haha) to make it matte. tada!

Chose a lighter shade of orange for my hand. It's not advisable for morenas but what the heck.

they also have nail art!
aww should have chosen the lace with bow design. Oh well maybe next time!
 Aie was served coffee coz she was given the Coffee themed pampering package--that also meant coffee foot wash & scrub!:)

 my seatmate Reg. She got the Tutti Frutti themed package!:)

I love how Cat came up with different themed packages. It is also surprisingly affordable! Just for P675 you'll get a foot/hand spa, massage and  pedicure/manicure:) Other packages are Coffee, Pinacolada, Strawberry, Green Tea. All served with drinks. :)

oh who is this with the cutest matte pink nails? *grins*

 all nails volted in! Hehe

 happy campers:)
Ava got the Green Tea package. She chose the Fireworks (by Katy Perry) nailpolish! So cute:)
Krissy chose Justin Bieber's. How cute the stars!

 my neighbor, and favorite girl Aie!
the ever chica Melai
showoffs! haha

lloyda, krissy, me, melai and aie (with ava not in the frame coz she was still being serviced)

Their other services and prices! They also offer massages, brazilian wax (would you dare? hehe), nail extension and so much more!

It was super nice bonding with the girls and more fun doing it in Posh Nails. I'm just waiting for my current nailpolish to die on me before going back. I can't hardly wait!:)

Add them up!


  1. This looks so much fun! :)

    I've been searching for those cracking nail polish like forever :)) funny also how JB has her (uhh this confuses me..)--his own line of nail polish =D

    stay awesome dear!

    Riz ♥

  2. Now I want cute nails! hahaha everyone looks adorable!


  3. I'm inggit!!! Looks like you girls really had a grand time!!!

  4. Thanks for the review and price list! I'm a big lacquerhead. :D

  5. love your skirt and huzzah for the vip treatment! :)


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