Hedgren Syle Fair (at last)

Super late post. Haha! But please bear with me, I'm doing my best to catch up on my posts. Anyway, 2 weeks ago I styled for the Hedgren (a bag brand under the Primer group who also own kickers, sanuk, bratpack, etc) Style Fair at Greenbelt. I was asked by the amazing Argie Salango to co-style with him. We only had 2 days to pullout everything we had to use for the fashion show (we pulled out from 5+ brands!). Tiring but super worth it. I know I said I won't ever style for a runway show again but this time, I'm really glad I did. Here are photos from the event!

Ana taping the shoes hehe
Fuzion break!
Lessons about styling, modeling, photography were conducted in the mall:)

with co-stylist Argie
last minute pullouts from Bratpack

It was a pretty tough job since we had to dress a gazillion models (haha) plus 2 celebrities and also real people (brand managers of Prime groups different brands). It was truly a challenge but I'm really glad we pulled it off. Of course, with the help of some friends! So thank you Melai, Ana, Tatie, Celine and Karen. :)

we started to feel tensed when the venue got filled up

 super small mens dressing room

I was assigned to dress the male models coz Argie had to be at the other side since he was also a featured designer. Thank you Vin Orias for helping us!

happy tatie hahaha

host Angel Jacob looked stunning
minutes before the show--Pia Guanio with the models:)

Angel Jacob in a slinky number. Hot!

The girlys and the guys wore Ensembles, designer pieces from Fashion Institute of the Philippines designers and Primer's other brands Roxy, Quicksilver, DC, Ellese, etc. while toting the very functional and chic Hedgren bags.

Abby Arenas wearing Ensembles and GAUPO shoes!

FIP designers curtain call with their models--I love Erica Panlilio's maxi skirt and top!

FIP's owner, designer Shannon Pamaong:)

Argie's moment. Love the jumpsuit arge!
 Pia wearing the ENSEMBLES dress that I picked! She liked it so much that she took it home:)
It's over, finally! Yey
mah girls--after the show.
us with the boys.
stylists huddle and congratulate each other after the successful show:)
class picture!
this time with Primer's project manager Art!:)

You can also watch the video of the event HERE. GMA's chikaminute or something. Hehe. Thank you Argie for asking me to co-style with you. Til our next collaboration. You know I love you! Will post about some other shoots next, but for now I have to sleep! Have to continue my pullouts later for my big shoot with MEG on monday. Wish me luck!:)

P.S. Been featured as stylish person of the month at Trendtation! So honored. Thank you!

Oh and it's sale all over the metro. Haha. Lead me not into temptation Lord. Stay away from malls! Haha kidding. Later guys!:)


  1. two days? serious? talk about little time and so much to do but you pulled it off! kudos! :)

    congrats with the feature too! filipinas represent!

  2. What a great assignment! Looks really fun. All of the models looked fantastic!

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  3. great job! i love the answers you provided in your feature. very well said :)

  4. congrats with the successful show, paxie :) and for being featured as well!

  5. gaga si kim yung isa. hindi karen. HAHAHA
    enebeyaaaaan. isa nga lang pic ko with... ang haggard haggard ko pa. kalerkyyy!!!


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