Goodbye Friendster.

WARNING: Photo Heavy

Mich texted me yesterday that their country manager is being interviewed by ABS-CBN. Well true enough after that, I read a lot of comments about Friendster. It went on the whole day. It was shown pala on tv haha. Well, the news finally reached the whole nation. Friendster.com will no longer be a social networking site, instead they will rebrand and relaunch as a gaming site. I've known this for quite some time since Mich has been working for them for 2 years now. And hopefully soon, me too! Got interviewed for a nice position and I really want the job so pray for me! Hehe. 

Anyway, most of you may not know this yet but you can now export all of your data (profiles, photos, testimonials) and save them in your computer. I already downloaded mine and it's now safe and sound in my documents folder. Browsing through it, I can't help but feel a little sad. I've been a member of Friendster since 2003 and I really had fun using the site. I'm sure most of you would agree that it had really been a huge part of us--well it's true for me--our own little diary once upon a time. So as a tribute, here are some photos I extracted from my account... Don't laugh! We were all baduy and young once! Hahaha. And take note, most of the photos were taken using camera phones, my webcam and sinaunang digicam! Epic.

stopover from batangas outing, OMG wtf. haha
posing infront of  Gateway's 3d walls with UST friends, hahaha
dinner at araneta, a man stalked me here after. scary:(
branders family:)
ops day off muna. Lol
my bestfriend and 1 new year of 2004 or 2006 i think
me as rainbow brite during brander's halloween party!
with UST kada
starbucks araneta with sister and cousin and tita
party with cubao friends/family
sleepover party with HS kada
at metrowalk with branders merchandising goddesses. naks. haha
my favorite shirt pa! my early ebay addiciton days
HS friends:)
at fernandina suites when my grandmother came to manila:)
pls dont laugh wahaha. WTF sagala days. Choker??? seriously????
with my Robinsons merch kada:) lung center bonding moments haha
Robinsons accessories division:)
wensha time with the branders merch girls c/o our mother bitch our boss Claire!:)
robinsons accessories, childrens wear, ladies wear and toys division
at astoria plaza, hehehe
starbucks morato with UST friends:)
what the hell? hahaha posing inside a filthy tricycle? haha
retro party at victoria court. yes they have party room. haha
ay. haha with Apl of BEP!
my godchild cian's christening. I miss you bud!

branders halloween party cosplay edition. Haha. I went as gogo from killbill
with Cubao friends:)
I still have lots of photos to show but I don't want to bore you with them so.... Show me yours! Hehe. Goodbye Friendster, it has been a great run. Thank you for entertaining me for so many years. Nothing will ever beat your testimonials and the who viewed your page application (hahaha). Goodluck on your next cyber trip!:)  Bon voyage!


  1. I agree with your last lines "nothing beats the testimonials and who viewed your page menu!"

    I remember those days when you want to find your long lost friends solution number 1: friendster! You want to details about your crush and do some cyberstalking: solution number 1: friendster! haha!

    I will never forget how everyone begged for those "build-me-up" testimonials. And even though you forced someone to give you that testimonial, you still feel happy! hahaha!

  2. tama ka sis!!! stalking ang # 1 purpose. Hahahha! Tapos if gusto mo iview mga gf ng type mo iswitch mo account mo to anonymous viewing. Kalurkey. Hehehe! And yes, I still read some pms from friends begging me to write them a testimonial or 2. Laftrip:)

  3. aww can't get our old photos na :(( forgot my password :(((( hehe yes, teh! choker and straight hair! ariba!

  4. Ohmygosh those were the days! And wow straight hair, love it! You look pretty with both straight and curly hair! =)

  5. Friendster was so cool back then and I'll surely miss my testimonials. :(

  6. what i didn't know about this! kaya pala ang dami nag rereminisce ng friendster days nila haha! and goodluck on that job! :) btw, you look so fasyooonnn na in your old photos!!! galing! :)

  7. ooops, friendster will be deaster. infernez, benta ang super straight hair mo!

  8. hahaha natawa ako dun sa straight hare mo... may kamukha ka hahaha sbhin k na lang in person hahaha.

    miss you bes!

    follow me:

  9. Hehe, tuluyan ko nang hindi tiningnan ang Friendster ko. Parang hindi nag-iba hitsura mo kahit kulot ka na now. :D

  10. babe, parang normal na tao ka pa dito. hahaha! bagay sayo straight hair dear :)


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