Rock in Spring

This is a late post! As always, hehe. Just wanted to share with you guys how I often spend my weekends--bonding with the fam! Here's one of my Sundays with them starting with some outfit shots.

plaid shirt & shorts-thrifted, graphic tee-artwork, necklace- c/o iamgirlie.multiply.com, boots-thrifted

Since my sister and I moved out of our house, my parents often bug us to visit them. So one day my sister and I thought, why not treat them instead and spend the day outside?  Even my weird brother came along. We ended up having lunch at Causeway, dessert at the Sugarhouse, watched The Source Code, and had dinner at Fazolis. We were together for like 10 hours. Lol. So yeah, it sure was fun. :)

I didn't take much pictures since I was super sleepy that day. But here's what made me smile! 

I swear these sheepdogs are so artistahin!!! As in anywhere they go a mob gathers. They're such a joy to look at. I even ran after them while screaming, "Dog of Flanders! Patrashhhhhhhhh!!!". And my sister just kept on laughing. :P

So there, time with the family is always time well spent. Time treasured.:) My next post would be about some of my styling gigs, so stay tuned!:) For the meantime, I'm decluttering my image folders by posting some photo backlogs. Here's how I regained my love for Artwork (the shirt store remember?)!

they now have cute shoes!

trying one pair on. weeeird. hehe

 i got the white loose tank for P129! Mich bought shirts for P200 each. So cheap!

 package from girlie go of iamgirlie! Will be giving away some of the items soon:)

Bumped into some friends while dining! Fun :) model kate, photog ryan, mua bambi--shoot ito? Lol

So there, more posts tomorrow! Or later. Ciao bellas:) 

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  1. Love your strippes dress!

    "Clodet-Illustrations by Clau" www.clodet-illustrations.blogspot.com

    …1Kiss from Spain!*

  2. Ahhh I love Artwork!! My dad got me some shoes and necklaces from there and I love them!
    Next time I visit the Philippines, I definitely wanna check out the store myself! :DD

  3. Loving the shirt and the necklace that went with it. (First outfit.) :D

  4. i thought your shirt is from oxygen but it's from artwork pala. love their statement shirts too and the shoes. :)

    how sweet naman to treat the fam to dinner. :)

  5. family bondings are always the best evah! ^^ ang cute ng dogs! And Pax! Nanuod k din ng Dog of Flanders!!! I swear I was crying buckets when it ended,=(.

  6. I love your black necklace! :)

  7. Luv ur red stripey dress . . . and the shoes too :) did you buy it?

  8. hey aisa!this is marane plaza, the one who wrote the feature about you on MEG Magazine. I'm glad you got MEG already as a sponsor for your event. im so sorry i wasnt able to help you na with MST because ive been so busy with PFWTV. anyways see u around! you're always dope! smooches!

  9. family bonding ftw! bet ko yung mga loafers sa artwork. super bet ko din yang white sleeveles top mo, makabili nga din. CHOS! and oh, excited ako sa giveaway. makasali nga... :)


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