Up North, Holy week Edition.

I spent the Holy Week at a nice private resort in Bulacan with my Robinsons friends (well, none of us work there anymore hehe). It was a nice trip as we bonded over everything and also had some time to reflect on our lives and our faith. :) Let me share with you what happened through photos...(all taken with a Lumix LX3)

Outfit shots at Petron Katipunan while waiting for our breakfast & ride!:)

cape/robe-thrifted, top-topshop, shorts-thrifted, shoes-archiveclothing, turban & necklace-flatterbuy

Our waiting took a while so Mich and I just ate breakfast, read books, listened to music, I painted my nails & had dessert at Starbucks.

Breakfast steak + coffee to beat my 2 hours of sleep!

This is the perfect nailpolish when you're living in the fast lane! Dries up after 5 seconds! Love:)

Sipping on my favorite Dark Mocha frap + smores? hehe

The trip just took less than an hour. I super loved the place! It reminded me of American homes with porches. I'll give it an 8/10. :)
Our room by the pool. We had to share coz only 2 rooms are available for rental.

Sir Louie, the owner, was super nice and accommodating. He was there our whole stay. I kept on knocking on his door and he answers everytime. Hehe. 

roommates. Hehe


You can bring food coz they have a cooking/grilling area. There are even pans and a griller provided. You just have to bring utensils, etc so you don't have to ask everytime. And here are more of our photo-ops...

LOL. In tagalog: Tawang-tawa??? Haha

The pool is huge!

ready to swim with mah girl kitin:)

iron chef area. chos

kitin's  specialty--eggplant with tomato sauce topped with cheese & spam. Oha.

I still had to work even when I'm on vacation. I know, it sucks. They don't have holidays in the US. So.. I had to retreat to our room early. Booo. The next day, we went to our friend Cathy's house  (which was just near) to have lunch. It was by the way amazing!

Looks familiar? This is where the GMA series Marimar was filmed!

It was a feast for the eyes especially for me, since I love Mexican style houses! We just can't stop taking pictures. Lol.

 with Rob friends:)
 now with the cutesy patootsy little girl Cheska!


 with Cathy's bundle of joy--Carlos. Ain't he adorable?:)

Love the kitchen! hehe

she looks angelic but she could also be nasty! She's sooo kulit!

And here's just some of my outfit shots from the bunch. Haha.
striped shirt - Stoic, shorts-thrifted, brogues-Archiveclothing, turban-Flatterbuy 

We just ate and ate for like 4 hours. That is what I love about provinces. There is not much to do but eat. Oh, the life. :) Thanks for the fun afternoon Cathy! We'll be back soon!:)

We then proceeded to Barasoain Church to attend mass. Well, they did. I ain't Catholic. *grins* So I just spent my time eating streetfood outside. I did witness the blessing of the cross though. :)

blessing of the cross

I couldn't help but stare and take photos of the gorgeous floats outside. They were being readied for the big procession.  I don't normally gawk over statues (my grandmother would kill me! I was brought up as a born again christian), but these are beautiful. A work of art.

 love the one at the far right. So intricate the details!

 got drawn to this one, love the black :)

So we were in a hurry to leave the church so as not to get trapped in the procession. But we got lost on our way back and then lo and behold! We got stuck for about 30 minutes. It was worth it. Just admired the floats again as well as the people who walked by it's side.

 After 2 hours, finally saw a pasalubong shop--thank you Nenes!!! best chicharon & pastillas ever.

I hope most of you still remembered what the long weekend was all about. It's all about HIM. :) Here's a prayer I say everyday...

"Thank you Lord for everything. For all my failures, my success, all the hurt, joy and pain.  I know I am not worthy of your love but still--Thank you for loving & protecting me and my loved ones--always. I lift everything up to you Lord. And I will forever offer you my life. May I always do things glorifying to you. Amen."

Don't forget to say thanks to Him everyday. Just be thankful for every waking moment--a chance to be better and make better. Hope you all had a good one!:)


  1. Fun Holyweek!:) and i need that instadry nail polish!!:)

  2. sexy mo naman tey! haha aww, gusto ko din magvacation as in swimming. haha kainggit! mwah*

  3. Ang ganda ng shoes mo!! So cute!
    Also, I love the Sally Hansen quick dry nail polishes, ang bilis nga!

    Happy Easter! :D

  4. i love your turban and kimono, Aisa :) Your easter pics are so nice! :P

  5. i love your outfits and your Holy Week sounded so fun! I two of those Sally Hansen's, they're really very convenient!

  6. That's how it is in Bulacan, ^^ They have so many statues of saints,halos every household has one, ^^ kaya ang haba ng processions, ^^

  7. Ooh this looks like fun! I've missed chilling with my friends out of town. Lately they've gotten too busy to do it. :(

  8. Hello! The house in Bulacan is super nice!! It doesn't look like in the Philippines. And how are you able to maintain that figure? Super inggit! Hahaha! Have a great week!

  9. looks like you had a great trip!

    and yes i looove the entire look of the house, and your outfits (of course and as always)

    stay gorgeous dear! ;)

    ~Riz ♥

  10. Hi Aisa! Where and what was the name of the private resort that you went to? Ang ganda kasi and I might show it to my mom! :)thank youuuuu!

  11. where in Bulacan? looks lovely. i really like your striped top! so pretty with the turband :)

  12. Ay, bet kong bumili ng Instra-dri na yan! :D Glad you had a blast on Holy Week!

  13. you still look fashionable on holy week. :)

    love the photo diary and had to lol about the tawang tawa caption. :)

    so many food on holy week, noh. :D


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