Trying the boob tube.

Last week was a very busy week for me, I barely slept. I styled for 3 shoots--one is with friends, the other for a tv show and the last one is for a magazine. Anyway, the tv gig was because of my blog sister Ana's referral. :) Thanks beb! Her friend Shy asked me if I could style for a morning show. Of course I had to say yes! The episode is about job hunting and image building with John Robert Powers. I was asked to come up with 3 chic corporate looks. It was easy for me coz I already did that before for Dine Asia magazine which I forgot to blog about. Lol. As you all know, shows never start or finish on time so we were stuck there for like 5 hours. But it was so much fun that I didn't realize how hours passed. It also helped that my co-stylist/designer was an acquaintance and now a friend Jian Lasala. :) We were fed, taken care of, appreciated and treated like queens (hehe). Thank you Shy and GMA!:)

dressing room with Shy and Jian

My assigned model wasn't able to make it (she overslept, wtf? so unprofessional) so I styled Starstruck-er Stef instead as the substitute. She was so much fun to work with! She's so bakla like me. Hehe. I also semi-styled another starstruck-er (sorry can't think of a better term) Jade. Only 1 outfit was used on Stef, the other 2 were placed on mannequins.

Jian and his model
off-cam--they're so sweet!:)
i was told that carmina design shoes--and this is one of them. Cute.

ay looking si mam carmina & papa lander? lol

Madame from JRP.

yez naman

Stef wearing the bidang F-stop blouse!:)

i just had to share--Sheree and her party pilipinas peg.

exec.producer who was super nice to us:) thanks for the free fan!

Jian and I ate early and they sat with us--infairness, lol. Jian hates taking photos with artistas (like me) 
but he gave in na din.Hee.

what the hell am i doing? hahaha

Oh and as promised, here are my loots from last week's Blogger's Closet sale.
 white draped blazer for P150!

Marc jacobs Nude/Gold dress for P450! (the color is not peachy, it's more of nude beige and is sheer)

Other pretty new things...

the dress i wasn't able to resist from buying from Forever 21--and it was the last piece! Meant to be. hehe

cool oversized cardi I got from the Topshop sale.:)

yes, i had to buy them in 2 colors hehe--from Chickflick!:)

That's it! Til my next post!:)


  1. I am loving that white draped blazer <3

  2. Congrats Pax! :) That gig is made for you, good job a! :))) :D
    And love the neat clothes, nalulula ako! gusto ko nun wedges pero may kuripot urges ako ngayon!!! :P

  3. The F21 lace dress is gorgeous! Congrats on your styling gigs! :)

  4. The white draped blazer is a great find. Super useful sha. Congrats on the great job! :)

  5. i love the topshop cover up, so awesome and the black wedge i want one! :)


  6. love that lace dress! been looking for one for quite some time. sayang it's the last piece!

  7. PAX! i love that f21 dress and the topshop cardi!

  8. congrats, Pax! the beige lace dress is so cute! very you talaga.

  9. Wow the pictures from the shoots came out great! I love how you styled everything... very pretty! The pieces at the end of the post are really pretty as well! You definitely know what you're doing, and one day, you need to style me! :)

    VPV Intern

  10. totally loving those blue wedges!

  11. Carmina looks tall in those shoes :D

  12. I love those wedges. And that oversized cardi from Topshop! :)

  13. paxie, how much ang pair of blue boots? price is not yet posted on their site =(

  14. i love those wedges! where'd you got them? :)

  15. wow pax. your gigs are so awesome! the wedges from chickflick are soo nice too. Marc Jacob's dress is a steal!

  16. i love the white blazeerrrrr


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