Who's that girl?

While on the mrt (yes, I love riding the train but not during rush hour), I saw Kamiseta's new billboard. I'm not a Kamiseta fan but their endorsers and ad campaigns really catch my attention everytime. 

I guessed it right... It's Katie Holmes! Infairness, she looks so fresh in these teaser photos...

The one hand raise pose is just a little distracting though. And the tee! The tee...sooo 1994. Can't wait to see the final ad. 

In other news, I got inspired by my girl crush Camilla Belle...

I wanna try colorblocking stat! Oh, and have you visited Archive lately? My site is new!:) Thanks to Grafane Designs for walking me through the process. :) My new collection is now complete! Will be uploading tomorrow so hope to see you there! Just visit my facebook page for announcements. Meanwhile, to all my fellow shoe maniacs--read on...

The same group that brought you the PORT88 bazaar, brings you the biggest shoe event ever. The 2-day sale event aims to carry leading commercial as well as online brands of footwear. This bazaar will be eagerly anticipated by shoppers as it is an alternative marketplace to the usual shopping experience, providing a relaxed and casual atmosphere. It will be offering a comfortable shopping venue with a wide variety of footwear that will surely be able to cater to different tastes. Food concessionnaires are also welcome!

For inquiries contact us at imshoeinlove@gmail.com (0917)8430506, (02)5773379.

 As for me, I'm too lazy to blog lately. Ugh. Sorry guys.


  1. Cool nung bazaar! Parang gusto ko magproduce ng shoes bigla just to join and sell hahaha adik! :D And benta sakin yung comment na so 1994!! :D TRUEFAX!!! Hahaha!

  2. wow! they were able to get Katie holmes! amazing!:) ganda lang ng damit.

  3. I guessed right, too. I heard Katie Holme picked the outfits (from among the available ones) for the shoot.

  4. I guessed right, too. I heard Katie Holme picked the outfits (from among the available ones) for the shoot.

  5. I love Katie Holmes, since Dawson's Creek days. Her pictures show that she is a perfect example of those who can look best with less. I envy her. ;-)

  6. the tee reminds me of the good old shawarwa and zagoo days! =)

  7. Pax! I love the new layout of Archive! Nice one!

    And ooh, Camilla's look is sooooper chic! Love it!!!

  8. Truelaloo! Super 90's ng shirt and even the poses! :D

  9. love the jewel tones on Camilla Belle. can't believe they can afford Katie Holmes!'

    join my STiLa giveaway!

  10. wow.. i'm definitely going to that sale!.. as i remember.. port88 is where i first saw you and your shop.. hihi :)

  11. Katie Holmes I cant believe it! so shocking. Kamiseta sure has a big advertising budget! Argh been trying to see your new layout but it doesnt load. :( Hope it works again later.

  12. Holy O.o That dress looks exactly like something Zara released earlier this year.

    Had to do a double-take just to make sure I wasn't looking at a Zara ad.

    Anyway, I love Katie in this mode. The Glamazon Katie just looks so...Posh Spice. Katie in Joey mode makes me all sunny inside LOL!


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