A Late Post: V-DAY weekend :)

My next posts would be about styling gigs--again. So, I'm taking a break by sharing with you guys how I spent my V-day weekend. No outfit posts too, sorry. :) Here goes...

I've never been a fan of the most exalted day in history when the roads get congested with people hurrying to get somewhere (pasig? lol), people smiling--almost floating while they walk with flowers or gifts on hand. I'm not a grinch, but I'm not a fan. And no, I'm not bitter. :) That day I decided to meet up with Mich at Greenbelt, not because we intended to participate in the worldwide euphoria, but only to go home together. I was doing pullouts the whole day. For some odd reason, I decided to leave my beloved camera at home (thought I wanted to lighten my load) and I didn't put much effort into what I was wearing. I walked the streets wearing jeans, a black oversized shirt (my favorite!), fake glasses (to hide the bags) and my ever reliable oxfords. I was dressed to nil, not dressed to kill. Lol. In between mall switching, I killed time by rating the flowers people are carrying. My verdict? Nothing beats Tecson flowers! NOTHING. :) 

Anyway, met up with Mich at the GAUPO store. She knows how I hate being given flowers during the V-day itself, but she still tried to surprise me by substituting a box of Classic Confection's bestseller Almond Crunch. Before that, I almost went cray-cray when I saw her with both hands behind her back. In between nervous laughter I kept asking, "OMG, what's that? What's thaaat??!!!". So funny. Little did I know, she planned another surprise--a dinner reservation at Brasserie Boheme (legazpi village). I wanted to strangle her for not giving me a heads up or just some outfit hints. I was so underdressed! As in people were wearing cocktail dresses and coat&tie. Major fail. Since I didn't bring my camera, I had to use my C3 cam with a lower than low resolution. Booo. 

Appetizer--not my favorite.

Mich's main course: salmon (tastes good)

My main dish: Steak. It's delicious even if it's not well done.

me and my steak. 

table setting

dessert + tea:)


Since I am usually busy during weekdays, I decided to plan a surprise for her on the weekend. So I booked a dinner reservation this time at ISABELO Garden Restaurant in Marikina. Mich is usually good at bombing surprises, but this time I had it planned and I got my acting skills on! Lol. Unlike her epic failness, I was able to talk her into dressing up a little. Told her I'm meeting up with someone, wanted to take decent pictures and pulling out shoes for a shoot. When we finally got to ISABELOs secret gate she said, "we might be at the wrong house, this looks like a resto". The waiter opened the gate and in we went. The look on her face when she realized I finally was able to plan a surprise for her was priceless. Score me! :P  So here's how it went...

their restroom is sooo clean and spacious. I can sleep on the floor! Lol.

Ms. Portia, the owner, was also kind enough to visit guests to make chika and to welcome them.  She's super nice! And she does all the cooking too! :) After preparing hundreds of dishes, here's Ms. Portia still looking gorgeous.

d naman kami terno. hehe.

 ISABELO is strictly by reservation only. Walk-ins are not accepted. It's a secret oasis in the heart of Marikina. They don't even have a sign in front of the gate, so really have to find it on your own. :) They also don't have menus in the resto, they only do advance orders. You have to send in your orders 2-3 days before your reserved date coz they only buy the ingredients (of your orders) on the day of your reservation. Fresh! Cool huh?:) So without further ado, here's what I ordered for us...

spinach artichoke

pumpkin soup

filipino tuscan salad

baked oysters (my faveeee)

mixed fry fish

grilled salmon steak--so heavenly, i died in one bite.

you could also order wine per glass or per bottle.

cheers to the good food! haha

watermelon sorbet--omg, i love this.

Every dish was a surprise,a delight to eat. Mich and I kept on nodding and saying oohhs and aaahs bite after bite. Haha. It was that good. :) I also love how we were assigned our own server and that the dishes were served in perfect timing.

Aside from great food, the place is also oozing with art, history, culture. Paintings done by Ms.Portias grandmother, mom and herself hangs all over the place. Rustic dining at it's finest. :)

cute floors.

pinilit mag self-timer

They made us sign a guest book before we left and being the intrigera that I am (haha) I read what other people wrote down. Every word were of praises to Ms. Portia for providing them a great dining experience. Of course, I did the same too. :) I can't wait to back, this time with my whole family! For prices and other details about this resto, please visit ISABELO online.

The next day, we went to the much awaited BLOGGER'S CLOSET SALE!  I was late so I decided not to bring stuff to sell anymore, but I sure had a blast bonding with fellow bloggers. And yeah you guessed it right, shopping. Uugggh.

Wanna know what I scored from this wonderful event (and from other shops too)? Then stay tuned for my next post.:) Ciao bellas!


  1. very unique yong Isabelo resto and the food you ordered...so mouth watering and sa pictures pa lang ang sarap na:)

    nice outfit and the colors soooo cool-green!

  2. I'm planning to try Isabelo. Thanks for this post! :)

  3. Ayaw mo nung appetizer? Akin na lang. Mukhang masarap eh. Hihihi.

  4. Your dinner looks delicious! Plus I love the fact that the restaurant isn't crowded. It's a good thing I live near Marikina. :D

  5. Thanks girls, Lauren, go try na!:)

  6. been wanting to try Isabelo's for sooo long, i heard nga from many that it's really good. I should really go already soon! Thanks for posting this =)

    join my STila giveaway!!!

  7. bleh. c ana nalang isurprise ko next time. ahahaha

  8. OMG GOOD JOB!!! :D Ang hirap mang surprise a, benta ang galing ng excuse the best, naiimagine ko acting izkillz natin teh hahah :)) And yey to good food, good service, and the best ambiance! Happy valentimes sanyo ni Mich! :) well...belated! ;) Haha!!

  9. ang shweeet! parang nakakaintriga ung Isabelo. kagutom teh!

  10. Double date double date double date!!!!

  11. I want to try Isabelo na rin!! The food looks delicious!!! =)

  12. happy valentine's to the both of you!!! kinilig naman ako sa surprise niyo sa isa't isa <3 def gonna try isabelo!!

  13. awww...sweet! ♥! :)

    see you had an awesome week! funnnnn!

    Ninin of thetwomissfits.com

  14. nakakagutom naman yaaaan! will try it soon :) thanks for this post

  15. Oooh, we better try out Isabelo's soon! The watermelon sorbet looks yum!

  16. awww the food posts looks so delicious...I want...and I am super inggit with the bonding via the bloggers...

    PensandLens is planning to organize and bloggers event in Cebu on October....updates will be given out soon once the location has been finalize...so excited for this love...


  17. nakakatakam naman yung Isabelo's! parang gusto ko rin mangsurprise dun (walang originality, har har!) Also don't worry about being underdressed in Brasserie Boheme. The bf just lives nearby that place and when we eat there lagi lang kaming naka jeans. Kebs! Hahaha...



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