Short and Sweet

At last, here's an outfit post! This is another one of my "pullout day" ensemble taken a day before one of our big shoots for Manila Bulletin.

shirtdress-Stoic, boots-Primadonna

Got a visit from Jear! Pardon the mess. Here's how we brainstorm or something...

...pambahay and all, with matching fried isaw as pulutan on the side. I love.

This big preparation was for our "iconic" shoot last week for Manila Bulletin. It's epic! Excited to see the final layouts. Will share it with you guys. No release date yet but I think it's gonna be out this weekend--I hope!:)

In other news, I finally got inked! Again. This time it was done by my cousin's "brad" Champ. He trained under Tatay Nero and his shop is located along Aurora Blvd. just 2 blocks away from LRT J.Ruiz station.

he also reworked my peace tat.:)
it just needs full shading and it's done!:)
it means "believe". That's the only word that fits my tiny wrist. my 1st choice was "be the change".

Anyway, here's an exciting event coming next weekend!

...save the date!!! Hope to see you there:)


  1. wow, lotsa bloggers joining the garage sale!:) so tempting to come!

  2. hope to see you there Jill!!!

  3. OMG! Your tattoo rocks, love it!

    Hope you had an amazing Vday! xo

  4. Love the new tatoos. You're so brave!

    Embracing Style

  5. holy ow your tat is wicked!

  6. i looooove your tat!!! im thinking of an infinity tattoo. buts its so overrated now ;/ maganda ung believe mo!!! ^_^ maganda din ung be the change. yay!

  7. oooh, nice tat babe! :)

  8. Love the outfit with the booties, teh! And yey for the new tat! Fave ko pa rin yung nasa likod mo!

  9. wish i was in manila to shop the bloggers closet.

  10. Nice tatt! Is it in arabic?
    I'd love to go to the Bloggers Closet Sale event but its so far :(

    ~ http://burningskyy.tumblr.com

  11. Cute tattoos :) Love your wrist tat in Hindi (I'm Indian!! :))
    I love tats too.. I have four including a full back :)

  12. @Magali - yes! :) i think there was a tiny glitch but i still believe in what it represents hahaha. So glad to see you here love!:)


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