They've got it all for you!

SM that is. :) I've been corresponding with the SM team for weeks now due to pull-outs for shoots. They're the nicest ever. They also allowed me to take some photos of their new items (from their summer collection). I drool and I die over a lot of amazing finds. SM department store is the ultimate temptation island!

colorful dresses in various lengths by Cococabana:)

color coding! :)

my pick:)
colors of summer:)
nice wide leg pants for P350
love this leopard print coverup!
cute draped vest
they have cute tanktops too from Baleno

Their shoes & bags collection is to die for too! You've all seen the gorgeous pieces from Fashion Week. These new ones are almost sold out...

cute ballet flats

braided sandals. last time i checked they're almost gone.

i want the pink pumps. hee. 

hot pumps

can't help but try their satchel bag!

just P1199

drooling over the tan one.

nude pink--love.

hot colorblock bag.

i want!


bucket bags!

beautiful clutches.

luxe line. their more expensive line. price ranges from P800-P2000

cute printed bags

transparent bags perfect for summer!

colorful patent bags

lucky charm bracelets and rings
Bought a good luck ring and I swear I think it's working:)

cute animal inspired hair accs

accesories galore

love their new accs!

I love that their accs section is color coded:)

cute belts by WWW

I swear it's a goldmine. So much fab finds! So what are you waiting for fellow shopaholics? Your nearest SM depstore is waiting for you:)


  1. i was just in sm cebu yesterday and they really got it all. love sm! most of my shoes and outfits are bought there. really a shopping haven.

  2. so true! i call myself "batang sm" hehe :D i love shopping/window shopping there. im so glad lume-level na sila pero affordable pa din. :)

  3. I haven't been to SM since December, but your photos are making me want to go back!

  4. All those items scream summer! ... Loved those Chanel-ish, I've been in the hunt for one but everytime I find one, Classic CC one comes to my mind!


  5. I get a lot of my stuff from SM too! They're so cheap and they really do have it all! Can't wait to go back, you posted some awesome stuff here! love the pants!!! =)

    join my STila Giveaway!!!

  6. Kabisado ko yata ang SM North kahit pati dept store. I love SM! :)

  7. Parisian and WWW are my fave SM brands. :D their collection is unique not to mention cheap and affordable! ^_^

  8. you got me at bags, teh! I love it!!

  9. Are satchels an "in thing" today? I love the brown ones and the flats too. Your post make me want to visit SM after work ;-)

  10. sm song playing in my head right now! =p

  11. sm song playing in my head right now! =p

  12. very nice posting all your item are so fantastic so beautiful very nice working and good color mixing amazing i really enjoy your post
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  13. I love SM dept. store! You'll always find something nice--whether you're looking for shoes, clothes, accessories, bags, etc.! And they're not too expensive!

  14. SM really has got it all for you! I love their shoes and Cococabana stuff! Can't wait to get my hands on one of their satchel bags :)

    ~ http://burningskyy.tumblr.com

  15. SM really has got it all for you! I love their shoes and Cococabana stuff! Can't wait to get my hands on one of their satchel bags :)

    ~ http://burningskyy.tumblr.com

  16. OMG I'm in love with the maxi dresses and the pumps! :) SM is such a heaven

  17. i drooled over the bags and accessories!

  18. Love your blog and your style!! you have a new follower from Spain, if you can you can visit and follow me in my blog if you like it!

    thanks and see you soon!


  19. omygosh! these photos made me want to rush to sm dept store asap! they really upped their ante :D


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