TINT: A Beauty Fair

Last Saturday, I--together with  3 other bloggers including Liz--met up with the lovely ladies of Robinsons Department Store's marketing dep to take a peek-see on their ongoing Beauty Fair: TINT. We had a quick lunch at TOSH first before our big beauty tour. :) I was so happy to meet 2 other beauty bloggers--Jheng and Kat who are equally animated and talkative as me! Hehe. Anyway, after an hour long chitchat and food porn we then proceeded to RDS-Galleria's health and beauty section. I was a little lost at first not knowing where to start and what to do. I was also a little intimated coz I was in the presence of expert beauty bloggers and make-up artists. After a while I got the hang of it and started snapping away. They don't have that many brands and items not as much as RDS-Ermita, but they sure have enough to make me go broke! Here are my favorites...

Fanny Serrano eyelash curler! At par with Shu:)

Lip gloss with mirror and light!

L'oreal makeup & skincare is on sale!15% off on selected items:)

go buy for your bf's!:)
super savings! elseve giftpacks.:) i think I'm going  back to buy one.
 bought 4 sachets of my favorite repleneshing hair mask! I swear it works.
love this lipstick set. Reminds me of a lighter hehe.
 cute tubes :)
tried on this red one.

even my favorite True Match powder and concealer are on sale!:)
Maybelline is offering 20% off!
Makeup remover on sale for only P99!

my favorite BB cream is on sale too!:) I'm on my 2nd tube and I'm still loving it:)

Other brands on sale...

liner & shadow pen 25% off
 waterproof!perfect for the beach:)

cream blush for 50% off
i wanna try this!:)
tried this pink shade lippy and it's nice:) just fpr P200+

been obsessed with lip/cheek tints for quite sometime now. Ever Bilena's on sale--40% off!

their advanced foundation is on sale too.

i just had to share their new tint--so Benetint yes?

one of my fave makeup brand--ELF. been using this bronzer for 2 years:)
been using their brushes for years too!
eye sets from ELF--i waaaant.
Liz said this eyeshadow trio from Nichido is almost the same as MAC! for just P189

on sale items.

Fashion 21 favorites

sale items from Max Factor--Age Renew & Mineral foundation & masterpiece mascara

sale items from Cover Girl

Dove is offering a lot! P99 for 3 bars of soap, P80 bodywash and gifts with purchase:)

10% off Nivea facial foam:)

Of course, I can't go home without buying anything!
Bought a bottle of Sally Hansen nailpolish. Read good reviews and I wanted to try it. I'm wearing it now and I'm loving it so far!

I'm bidding my old powder goodbye, found a new love! So far the results are fabulous--it really delivers!

Also bought a gold and cranberry eyeshadow from Nichido. This area is really addicting. I wanted to buy everything. I had to stop myself before I spend all my savings. Lol. So much fun. Thanks Robinsons!:)

TINT: Beauty Fair is ongoing til the end of February. So go run to the nearest Robinsons Department Store now.:) Don't forget to share your fab beauty finds!

P.S. I took a photo of me with other bloggers and RDS's tin and carisse but I accidentally deleted it. Suuuuucks. :( Oh well.

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