Iconic Duo

So here are the final layouts and some behind the scenes from my shoot with Manila Bulletin 2 weeks ago. The theme, Iconic Duo, was conceptualized by my everdearest friend Jear. He took inspiration from duets done by powerful people in the music industry. I might have nearly died from stress and exhaustion from all the pullouts, but seeing the final product on paper makes it all worth it. :) Here it is, finally!

Photography: Randy Capinpin
Styling: Jear de McCuttac & Aisa Ipac
Assistant Styling: Pabby Dane de McCuttac
Hair: Jay Wee
Makeup: Hannah Pechon & Lilian Yeung
Models: Jasmine Maeirhofer & Fatima Rios of Mercator

(click photo to enlarge &  for complete credits)

Ticket to Ride: Paul McCartney (by jear) + John Lennon (by me)
my favorite!

Videophone: Beyonce (by jear) + Lady Gaga (by me)

Scream: MJ (by Jear) + Janet Jackson (by me)

Me Against the Music: Britney Spears (by me) + Madonna (by jear)

When You Believe: Mariah Carey + Whitney Houston

Love the Way you Lie: Eminem (by jear) + Rihanna (by me)

Put It In a Love Song: Alicia Keys (by jear) + Beyonce (by me)

Here's a sneak peek of what happens behind the scene. I also included Jear's shoot for MB using Slim's dresses and gowns. :)

at my apartment's lobby waiting for jear.

the ladies from Slims! they were the only ones allowed to dress the models coz of the dresses fragile state.


hair and makeup


Will blog about how my Valentine's day and my weekend went--so hope you stick around! Hugs everyone.

P.S. Anyone wants to buy my new babies? It's size 37, super gorgeous but is a little tight on me, so I ordered a bigger pair. :) It will fit a 6-6.5. Just P1000 plus shipping. Message, email or text me if you're interested! thanks:) 



  1. Ambonga! Congrats girl. I wish you more styling jobs in the future. Pabonga ka ng pabonga!

  2. thanks babe!!!!:) hihi ikaw din ang bongga mong mother!:)

  3. OMG! You styled Jasmine M.?! I really really like her. :)

    Congratulations! :) You're not very far from being a top stylist. :) I can see it coming. :)

  4. loveeeeeee the styling and the colors and everything! :)

  5. wowza these are awesome. the videophone and scream shots really got to me. :D

  6. omg bongga nmn pala ang pinagkakabusyhan mo teh! love the John Lennon pants! sana matanggad ako dba?

    about the shoes..ehem discount!

  7. WOW, Congrats!! Love all the looks, esp the one you styled! Love the Lennon look. Great styling as always! :)

  8. Walang 'super like' button dito? Haha. I really really like the Videophone one! :)

  9. wow, i love the styling, you did such a great job! and your shoes, seriously considering it hehe

  10. Great dear! You have really gone along way. :))

    And btw, about the wedges, sa chick flick ka umorder?

  11. I love the styling esp. the Eminem/ Rihanna set-up :)

    I wanted to order those wedges online before! What's the insole measurement? I'm about 24cm kasi. Thanks!



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