Had a great day today just bumming around. I had no appointment or pull-out sched for today so I just stayed in, played Chocolatier 2 and watched Tangled on dvd while sipping  my favorite mint tea and eating kisses with almonds . Life's perfect.:) Tomorrow is my last shoot for Depot Fashion's summer issue and I'm just so glad it's finally over! Now I can relax for a few days before we start shooting for Manila Bulletin again (yes, we have more shoots lined up so stay tuned for that!). :)

Anyway, I want to share with you guys my futile attempt to feed myself. Lol. As you all know (or some of you), I would rather die of starvation than cook. I can't cook. For me, it's a waste of time. And I really don't have the patience to do it. But this year I'll try to change all that. One step at a time. Baby steps.

I was a little worried at this point coz para shang sabaw (or in english: soup) haha.

but after a few minutes of heating and stirring--ayan na! 

ate it with Lays. Not bad! But I only ate 1 bowl and ayoko na nakakasawa. Lol.

Oh, by the way-- I keep on forgetting but I finally remembered to post this Entertainment Showcase for sale. Seriously.

lcd tv, sound system (speakers galore), dvd player all for P8K.

Email me if you're interested! I can't wait to get rid of these, I need more space for my shoes. Heee.

I'm also thinking of getting a new tattoo this weekend or next week. I'm thinking of having the words "luceat lux vestra" (let your light shine) or the hebrew translation of "I am the Lord's" tattoed on my wrist. I'm just worried that the translation may be wrong. Any suggestions? Sorry for the incoherent post, just wanted to blab. Haha. 

P.S. I'm on MEG magazine's feb issue together with Alexa, Arianne and Bea, JL. Yey? Haha. Saw this scanned page on JL's twitter. I don't really buy magazines or newspapers when I'm on/in it. But since a lot of people are telling me to buy for future use, cge na nga I'll start collecting na. More exposure, more haters --bring it on.:P 
I can't wait for Sunday--tattoo day! So ready.:)


  1. Love your first tat and can't wait to see your next one ^_^ congrats on the feature, pax! kailan kaya kami mag kakaroon niyan?? hehe. the tuna macaroni looks good ah! hehe kahit first try.

  2. lol at more exposures, more haters.
    sigh, when are they gonna get it?
    anyway, congrats on the feature!
    so excited for your new tat, sana magkaroon din ako ng courage para jan.

  3. "More exposure, more haters --bring it on.:P" -- love this!!! =)

    Congrats on the feature and congrats on your tuna melt too!

  4. Hahahha Me, too!! I can't cook that well. Hahaha Thanks for the tag about the feature! :)

  5. *Sigh* Grabe ang haters, they need to do something productive with their lives. Then again, flattering dapat yun kasi sa iyo na umiikot ang mundo nila. Hihihi.

  6. I don't cook too, despite the number of Home Economics classes we had back at St. Scho. But your soup looks delicious paired with a bag of Lays Potato Chips. I'm a junk food addict kasi. ;-)

  7. Pax! Congrats on the feature. I've been dreaming to be featured on magazines someday! :) Props to you!! :)

  8. congrats on your first dish and the feature. so proud of you for cooking, all I can do are eggs. hahaha...

  9. congrats on the mag feature and i think i said it before i just don't remember, good things really good happen to good people.

    and haters gonna hate! LOL!

  10. oooh weeh! congratulations on the Meg feature! :)

    wow, a tattoo?? you're so brave! can't wait to see what you decide on ;)

    Ninin of the two miss fits

  11. Naloka ako sa entertainment showcase for sale! Haha!

    Wee! New Tat! I'm excited for you!

  12. I would rather die of starvation than cook.
    Hahaha, nakakatawa, that line. :))

  13. taray teh ng feature sa mag. ikaw na talaga!

    ninang idol ka namin ni baby madam. mwah. loves!

  14. What the heck. I did not know about this at all. I don't know whether to feel happy or violated.


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