Take a SHOT.

My magazine shoot last weekend was a blast. It was one of the fastest shoot I've ever styled for AND it was paid. Sooo--D.BEST. Lol. Thank you Tin and Lucas for making me a part of this. :) I only styled for the tin soldier (again hehe) so it was officially one of the easiest shoot as well. Hehe. Thank God for Camp Suki!

the magical door

their super cute old school cash register

costumes galore

my tin soldier's headress (pardon my no ligo look hehe)

have to fill up the form--one month advance, one month deposit--JOKE! but there's a deposit--really.

they even have this cute circa 1920's mic. Wondergirls ang peg.

I was able to borrow a british guard's costume for P1K. Yes, it's expensive but I had no choice. Hehe. Got so hungry after that we just ate at the nearest--eatery. Went inside a store at the street corner--Connie's Kitchen (the word kitchen drew us in, lol).

they sell this--guess what? baby eels. yuck. kaderder.

inside the store. :) they sell a lot of bottled food like tuyo, dips, etc.

We then ordered the most overpriced sandwiches ever...

Mich's grilled cheese with pesto (which is delicious by the way)

my tuna sandwich (looks small but it's kinda heavy)

Outside (located at the corner of 4th street in front of Mt. Carmel church)

We were early for the shoot so I had time to take some outfit shots. I love Makati during Sundays! So conducive for photo-ops! Haha. Walk walk walk.

top-thrifted, shorts-vintage, tights-7-11 (yup! haha), wedge-F21

Smiling because I can actually wear tights without sheeding a single sweat! Hee.

And here are some behind the scenes from the shoot...

Will post more photos upon release. The magazine's cover hasn't been shot yet. I heard it's gonna be one of the most influential woman in the country. Clue: a fashion icon--think 7,000 pairs of shoes? :) And I might style her! I'll keep my fingers crossed. :) For the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy with our upcoming pre-nup shoot. Will be shopping at Cubao Expo for some props tomorrow! 

That's it. Have to sleep. Missed you and hope you're all well and fine. Kisses.

P.S. Featured on Hypeed!

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  1. love it!:)) gusto ko ng costume house :)) hihihi :D Pati yun old cash register dalhin ko yan sa bazaar ko hahaha :D
    Good job too with the styling jobs! :) <3 So proud of you! sana matuloy yung si shoeholic, sino kaya yun?:D Hahahaha! :D

  2. haha dalhin talaga sa bazaar? lol!!! miss you sis!

  3. 7-11 has tights?! This is news!

  4. Lauren - yes!!! they have sheer socks too!:)

  5. Aisa my babe! Congrats! I'm sooo happy with all the blessings you're getting this 2011! So early yet, so busy!! Happy for you! Pag di hassel magsama ka! :) hihi :) I'm so excited of you teh!! DIz iz eeeet! :) Mwuah! Miss you guys! Tinetext kita di ka nagrereply!! Haha!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. i love camp suki too! pero mahal nga lang. and congrats on this gig Pax. more to come for sure!

  7. @Melai - 1 text lng anman nareceive ko. sorry babe busy kahit mich d ko na natetext. haha.

    Belle - korek! mahal. luma naman the items. :(

  8. This looks sooo fun!!! Great job, dear! And I LOVELOVELOVE your F21 wedges! :)

  9. nabother ako sa baby eels!
    i love both of your outfits, especially the white shirt.
    at nakakaintriga ang cover shoot, sana nga matuloy!

  10. ang mahal ng costume :| but it looks worth it naman!:) mukhang maganda and I'm glad paid, teh!:) hehe i love the road crossing picture! Para lang beatles on abby road! woots! and eww..eel :| scary!

  11. The shoot looks interesting! can't wait for the cover! :)

    congrats on landing all the fun jobs! happy 2011 to you!

  12. i envy all the creative energy found in that place ! :)

    CDO is dead in terms of that. Or as far as i know :)

    i love your shirt BTW . :)


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