Shiny New Things

And no this doesn't involve shopping--or shoes. I'm talking about projects.:)

Went to 2 meetings today! One is with Depot Fashion magazine and the other one is with a pre-nup client. Both went well and I'm excited beyond words. :) Also got a call from another magazine (who saw my Tinsel Rose shoot) and they asked me to style for them on Sunday for an editorial shoot. They said it's gonna be epic, so how can i say no to that?:) I also would be styling for a newspaper next week! So watch out for that too. :)

Now, whenever I go to malls I go into each store not to buy something or window shop, but to ask for their contact person for pull-outs. It's challenging but fun. It's not a fancy job as others may think as it requires hard work, sleepless nights and all the energy one can give. BUT, it's all worth it. Here's what I wore today....

chambray shirt w/ leopard print details-thrifted, shorts-thrifted, clogs - gift, accs-divi + bazaar

About the outfit: One of the coolest shirts I’ve ever unearthed from a thrift shop. :) Chambray + Leopard__so on trend! And I'm not really a fan of clogs but this one was given as a gift and it has faux pony hairs, so who couldn't resist?:) 

Met up with Mich afterwards so we can go together to Bonifacio high street for another meeting. But, we decided to try out Army/Navy first. Delish.

Lookie, I actually carry a planner/calendar (thanks Golddot for this!) around with me now. I've never been a fan of planners (coz I hate planning) but I'm now going cray cray over my sched for the coming weeks, so it has really become useful for me. Cuhrazeeee.

Our meeting with the couple (for the pre-nup shoot) also went very well. We're all  excited to work on this project coz the theme is vintage (circa 1930-1940's) and the location is somewhere in Sta. Rosa, Laguna (clue: themepark? lol). I'll be styling both the bride and groom to be and I'll be sharing my BTS as soon as we're done!:)

Will post photos of my shoots soon. Wish me luck. :)

I'm liking 2011 so far. Are you? Btw, what's up with the zodiac sign shifting? Too weird.


  1. I very happy that I found your blog! You have great style:) WoW !

  2. Super helpful ng planner teh!:) And I'm glad your busy cos meaning lotsa work!:) and blessing yan!:) good luck with your many styling gigs!:) love the outfit too! fierce!

  3. @Ava - oo nga teh now ko lng naapreciate! hehe. thanks te ha hope to see you again soon!:)

  4. I love the shirt!!! and great clogs!


  5. Too cute !!
    I love your blog & your style

    Kiss from France


  6. How cool is that?? Umaarangkada ka na! I'd love to work in magazines for layouts (cos I think that's where creativity really flies), but I'm not complaining about what I do now. Congratulations on all the blessings, Aisa! :D


  7. Wow, congrats on your styling jobs, babe! Hope you get more coz you're a very good stylist. :) And I loooovvveee your chambray shirt! ^^

  8. Hi! I just gave you The Stylish Blogger Award. :)


    Stilettos and Love,

  9. love the leopard-print detail on the shirt!
    so excited for your projects!!

  10. wow! congrats on the many styling opportunities. well deserved pax!

  11. Congrats sa gig! More to come! =) Glad to hear that 2011 is treating you well. I love the clogs!

  12. Love your top!!! Congrats too ;)

  13. You deserve all these blessings.. Ayan na ang good karma for you, pax :))
    Love your denim top/used as cover up with leopard details :D Paarbor! ;) Ahahaha! Joke lang! :))

  14. i'd like to say that when i become famous, i'd like you to style me. but since that is way too impossible just rest with the thought that i think you have good style. like really good style.

    love lots,

  15. I loove this look. So cozy and simple but chic! I adore the shoes and that shirt :D

  16. Alex- mas bongga ka te stylist ni KC!:)

    Alexa - thanks for the award! hehe:)

    Thanks liezyl, belle, aie, sam&sarah, sis ana, dawn and ana:)

  17. Aisa you deserve everything. This girl's really nice. Even if she's busy she still has time for replying on Facebook messages! Love your blog!


  18. wow you deserve all the shiny opportunities in the world! <3 God bless you more dearieee

  19. Nice! Leather on chambray!

    Congrats on all the upcoming gigs! Don't forget us when you're a super sikat stylist na ha!

  20. thank you Yna!:) thanks thriftfashionista:)

    Kookie - thanks Koox!!!:) and sikat? d aaaah.

  21. congratulations on all the new jobs! can't wait to see the pre-nup shoot, the theme sounds interesting! :)

  22. I love your clogs!! :D I actually got one from SM Parisian haha! Btw, sent you a message on Multiply. :)

  23. Ate Aise, I gave you the "stylish Blogger award" on my blog. :)

    xx, Channie

  24. Hi,

    I love your style.
    Thanks for keeping us your readers updated.

    More Power and Godbless!


  25. Goodluck and congrats to all your gigs! Aisa!!! I'm proud of youuu :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  26. 1. Stupid zodiac shifting. I am DEFINITELY not a scorpio. Haha :)

    2. Sarap ng Army Navy noh? I love how they serve their San Mig with a lime in it. Sosyal!

    Bea from A plus B

  27. Congrats Aisa I love your job btw.. mine is kind of boring hehe

  28. wowowow, congratulations on the projects!! it's good to know that so many doors are opening for you, Pax, because you totally deserve this. excited for you. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  29. wow!!!! so successful ka na teh! :D jealous me...hehe.
    i'm soo excited for the BTS photos..and the final photos too. and it's really amazing that you got called after your Tinsel Rose shoot cuz that one was my favorite...

    ps. love the chambray + leopard goodness!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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