Going Preppy

Yesterday, Jear and I met up for some pull-outs. We were at SM Makati and Greenbelt in the morning and then Forever 21 in the afternoon. It was so tiring but we had so much fun, It's like shopping for someone else. Hehe.

 co-stylist Jear (who by the way also has a blog! Jearhype--click click!)

For this occasion I decided to go all preppy. Smart casual. :)

I would like to say thank you to the lovely bloggers (Ava, Alex, etc.) who gave me the stylish/versatile blogger award recently. I've already done this before but I will again share a random fact about me. Well---I can't pose or smile in front of the camera. I feel so tensed and akward everytime. That explains the weird faces and smiles. Lol. I even practiced for 2 years! But that's the best I can do. Haha. So I hope you guys could bear with me. :) Thanks for all the support and love! 

Another pull-out day tomorrow. Gaaaah, I'm tired. :(

P.S. Look what I got in the mail today! It's my made to order necklace from Trinkets Royale. It's so pretty. :)

Bought this gorgeous nekcpiece for P850. :) Get their items while they're on sale and for  free shipping too! Trinkets is also on Facebook.

P.S. I suddenly miss my hater. My blog stats are higher when she/he was here.  LOL. Just sayin!


  1. Love this!!! Great styling! :)

  2. Love this look on you Pax! Your oxfords are awesome. (: at kainggit ha, sarap ng buhay mo! Well I imagine it really IS tiring but you get to be in the presence of pretty clothes and stuff all day -- so it's worth it! Right? Haha.

  3. Love the whole look on you Pax! I'm soo happy for you too!! :) I'm glad you're going through so much as a stylist now. All your hard work are paying off! :) Love, love, love you sis! :) Miss ko na kayo nila Ana at Ava! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. thanks Alex!!!

    Bestie- worth it na din even though I can't keep the beautiful clothes. Hehe!

  5. ang gandaaa! love your preppy outfit so much! :)

  6. thanks Melai! kita kits soon:)

  7. great shoes ! and this necklace is gorgeous !

  8. natawa ako sa ps part :)) lookin' good pax! dont worry, you don't look weird in the photos :) winner ung necklace mo!


  9. love the preppy look on you, pax! ang cute!! the shorts, i covet!! and ang ganda ng new necklace mo!!

  10. Gotta love f21! ...loved the black ribbon necklace with pearls, cute and girly!... New follower over here!


  11. oh my, i am definitely faving this look in chictopia!
    and that necklace is beyond awesome!!

  12. Oh so pretty! :) I love everything!

  13. love the outfit! :) love the necklace! :) and love the P.S. hehe :)

  14. Trinkets Royale, huh. Noted! :D

  15. Love this look Pax! Love the grey shorts paired with that super simple polo, very nice! And those shoes pretty nice din.

    By the way, about your question sa Viet-Cambo tour. It's pretty easy to go to Cambo from Viet. You can take a bus or fly to Siem Reap, Cambo. The tour agency in Viet will arrange the visa and all for Cambo. And it's pretty cheap lang! :)


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