Past Forward Love

So last Saturday, I--together with Tin Lorico (photog), Bambi dela Cruz (hmua), Mich and the soon-to-wed Eds and Jeff--roadtripped to Subic for a The Notebook inspired pre-nuptial shoot. After a last minute change of location, last minute wardrobe changes and sleepless nights--we finally made it! We were originally set to shoot at EK, but they overcharge and they have an unfair policy (they get to keep the copyrights & they can use the photos anytime without permission--even after you pay!) which makes me want to boycott them. Anyway, as I was saying--we made it! Subic turned out to be the perfect spot to conduct the shoot. There were a lot of amazing locations and backgrounds, we were able to shoot freely with no one bugging us and the weather was perfect. The couple is truly blessed.

So here are some of my shots (taken using a Lumix LX3)... If only I could post everything! But it would be overkill. So. Heee.

 First stop is Starbucks for some coffee...

...and hair and makeup!

Then Meat Plus for lunch! All smiles--tin & bambi.

Baby back ribs meal for only P199! And it's delish.

Mich's cheeseburger.

@our 1st location, the beach! And that's us acting, lol.

our improvised closet/dressing room.

beating the heat with our hats and umbrella!
words of the day--"tiis ganda lang!"

2nd look--pearl harbor-ish
Notice the shoes? Espasol the peg.

quenching my thirst.

It's a wrap! Class picture!:)

And here are some of my shots of the couple (love the candid ones!). Feeling photog lang hehe. I'm not a pro okay, so don't hate. :P

That's it! Hope you felt the love--I did. :)

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  1. parang ang sarap ikasal pagnakakakita ako ng ganito! :D hahaha!

  2. really love the photos and great styling. if i get married, i'd hire you. :)

    btw, are those all your clothes or your clients?

  3. i lurrrve it, sis!!! very nice outfits!! excited na ako!! yahoo!! =)

  4. Ana dali pakasal na tapos hire mo nako! hehehe

    Chyrel - my clothes sis! except the gown:)

    Ethel - me too!!! antagal naman ng april. hehehe

  5. Love the dress in the grand carousel photo. And P199 for baby back ribs?? Wow, that's a steal!

  6. I love the concept! You totally nailed the The Notebook-inspired shoot Aisa! i can imagine the outcome :)

  7. Awwwww... This is sooo cute! :)

  8. I like the photo with the lighthouse ba yun. Nice shot!

  9. Aisa.,sana I can still afford your styling pag ikinasal n ko, ^^ bka bongga ever sikat ka n nun, ^^ love the pearl harbor shot, ^^

  10. Pax, in fer, ang nice ng shots mo of the couple...especially the 5th photo na nakaupo sa grass.

    And i love the styling. Kudos!

  11. It looks like a very beautiful prenup, and I think you totally lucked out on the location! :D Can't wait to see the final photos!


  12. such pretty photos, love lighthouses and the shots in the carnival are adorable! great job, cute clothes =)

  13. love the concept of the shoot!!

  14. Hi! Nice shots!! i love the one with the lighthouse at the background -- the blueness of the sky and the couple's pose made it even more awesome!! :)

    <3 hazel

  15. what a fun pre-nup concept! love that shot you took of the couple by the beach. and i really like that outfit w/ the red skirt & beret!! another great job in styling, Aisa. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  16. ang ganda, teh! the styling is perfect!:) nakakainlove!

  17. Bride's gown is to die for! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the blue shoes! how adorable!


  18. love your outfit!
    it's so cute!

    and the other pictures are amazing aswell!

  19. All these photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously, I'm so impressed (and jealous!) I want pics like this when I'm getting married!
    Love your blog, I'm your newest follower :)
    would love if you'd visit my blog and follow back

  20. lovely photos and great styling! =)


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