What I do on weekends.

Ever since I ventured into the world of fashion, my weekends have also been consumed by work. Sometimes I wish I could take my weekends back and just bum around like I always do. But whenever I see the happy faces of our clients, it turns everything around again. I'm happy. :)

I spent this weekend styling for clients--a pre-nup and a private fashion shoot. I will blog about today first because I'm not yet done editing the other photos. Hehe.

One of the fastest shoots I've ever been to, the shoot was for 3 sisters who just wanted something different. It was fun--as always.

 the team in action:)

We also have our playtime... Hehe.

clients + stylist+ hmua:)

Darz (our amazing photog) mimicking/making fun of me. Lookbook poses daw. Hahaha!
He does a great impression of me--actually of everybody..:P Love you darz!


The shoot just lasted for 3 hours. Yey! So I had time to go to Megamall to pullout from Unarosa. I picked up 4 gorgeous maxis which I'll be using for an upcoming shoot. :) Also went to St. Francis (just across Megamall) to buy some dvds. I wasn't able to keep myself from buying this cute pair of yellow pumps...

It's a little pricey for P450 but what the heck, it's still cheaper than pre-order korean shoes. 
Also tried (finally!) ordering through Quickdelivery.ph. The food was pricey but the tuna sisig and green mangoes made it all worth it. Haha. We ordered close to midnight so I opted to buy food from Whistlestop. 

I finished my food!

And finally, some outfit shots!

oversized shirt - Debenhams, shoes-Chickflick, necklace - from a friend

On my next post: pre-nup shoot in Subic and Manila Bulletin shoot!:)How about you guys? How was your weekend? 


  1. I love this outfit! Those wedges look great with the color of the top.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. OMGGGG I die. I want the shoessss!!! :)

  3. Love how you spent your weekend - productive. I just slept mine away. Boo!

    Nice shoes too. :)

  4. what a productive weekend! :) lucky you were able to get these wedges, when i checked a couple of weeks ago, sold out na daw :)


  5. hi! just came across your blog. where did you buy your shoes? that's lovely! :-)


  6. As always, a girl just can't have enough pair of shoes! Nice pumps! :-)

  7. Always wanted to do a private fashion shoot with friends! So much fun! I always love hearing about your work!

  8. Im glad you're busy with a lot of styling gigs!

  9. I love your shoes, Aisa! :)

  10. HOW FUN. Your job seems amazing. And I love both the yellow shoes and your leopard print shoes - so amazing!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  11. It's been a while since my last visit. So cute naman your new yellow pumps! Are those suede or velvet?



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