Last Bang with the Stylistas

Had a mini pre-New Year celebration and get together with former FIP styling classmates last December 30. It was a fun night as usual as we bonded over stories, food and booze. Lol. It's always fun meeting up with this crazy crazy bunch! :)

jear--my forever ka-tandem:)


white elephant gift giving game (not sure about the name lol)

I lost in the 1st round but we got lucky on the 2nd. Thank you Mich! I took home 4 gifts! Yeeey.

I chose a garment bag (which I can use for future shoots), a face mask, money and a pretty dress!:)

So glad to have found friends who share the same interest as mine.

hahaha serious posing.

After the party, we went to Starbucks Morato. The barista who gave me my orders told me she reads my blog!:) I didn't get her name but she made my night. Girl, if you're reading this--Hi and thank you. :) To everyone, thanks for all the support--you all know how much I'm grateful. :)

And here's an outfit post!
dress worn as top-depaige, skirt-thrifted, vest-thrifted, shoes-bought online

So how's the 2nd day of the year treating you so far?:)

P.S. Watch out for Archive's 1st collection for the year--soon!:)


  1. Waaaa I want that fur vest! :) Happy New Year, dear! ^^

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  3. lol. what in the world is up with the above post?

  4. happy new year, aisa loves cebu! see you and mich soooon! ^^

  5. happy new year to you! Looks like you had so much with yer stylish friends. And wow i love your thrifted skirt and your lip color :)

  6. Love your outfit, Aisa!
    Happy new year!

  7. That anonymous post is the longest spam message I have ever seen. Quite amusing though. Haha!

  8. love your skirt and shoes!!! anonymous said what? lol!

  9. hahaha anonymous is my friend--chos! idelete na yang spammer na yan haha


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