Fringe Love

Last year I told you about the love package I got from Denise. I already wore the nude dress to a wedding--so now I'm debuting one of the tops that she sent to me. Hope I gave it justice! Hehe.

top-gift from Denise Katipunera, shorts-Archive, shoes-Forever 21, hat-ebay

I've been obsessing over shoes for the past few days. I know right? TEMPTATION--Everywhere.  I'm so confused. Wanna help me choose? :)

or this?


or THIS?


or THIS?

Also eyeing on these gorgeous pieces!

am i the only person who doesn't own this? lol

hot or not?

the color is just yum yum!

it's the print of the year

inlove with the huge bow and lace!

With all the beautiful things I'm finding online--it's official, I'm doomed.


  1. Waaaaaa shoessss! I love the leopard wedges and those mustard pumps! :) Gorgeous outfit, Aisa. ^^

  2. such pretty detail on that fringe top!! and the shoes can't help u i want it all you should just get all of them!! hehe

  3. Kering keri mo pax!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. i'd personally go for the fourth pair of booties. :D i think you'll rock whatever you decide to get tho!

    awesome fringe top, btw!

    boat ride through the sky

  5. nice outfit!
    happy new year!
    i like the mustard pumps and the wedge shoe with cork heels ,the very 1st shoe pic...

    glad you enjoyed your stay in cebu. btw, i am a cebuana

  6. Love the fringe top, pax! And i want the cheetah cardigan! waah! send me the link! :P

  7. waaa ang gaganda lahat!hee,sorry that doesn't really help you decide which pair to pick! haha! pati yung suot mong f21 na shoes i love! :)

  8. I love you you styled the fringe top!:) and wow shoes!! I love the wedges with silver lining!:)

  9. can i ask where you're planning to buy the shoe on the 2nd photo? and also the steel-ish wedge booties? please share your shopping knowledge! :))

  10. You gave justice sa fringe top! Nice styling Pax, as always :-) I say go for the second pair of shoes :-) Hihi.

  11. you always give justice to everything you wear!

    and those shoes are love!!!
    love the mustard pumps and the brown booties!!

  12. UGH Online shopping is the bane and boom of my existence! XD Happy new year, Pax!

    sPam of frou-frou

  13. san yung cardigan?? share!! hahaha.. i'm thinking of buying the leopard print shoes.. sabay tayo! hahaha :)

  14. I really like the hat you wore! :) I like the shade of red. As for the shoes, I really liked the brown booties with studs at the back and the mustard yellow pumps. So cute! :D

  15. had the same problem last oct when we ordered shoes...literally had a headache from the all the choices..haha!

    i'd go for the 2nd pair -- the blue wedge mary janes mainly because you can pull it off with your vintage look and not everyone has a pair. :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. I say go for everything! I'm sure you'll rock whatever you decide to get! happy new year! =)

  17. Get them all... one by one. Haha! Nice outfit :)

  18. your outfit is so cute.all the heels are so stunning!


  19. lovely cardigan ms.pax :) where did you find it ? :)

    ennaid love <3

  20. Perfectly styled! I sooo want that top, akin na lang! Hahaha.

    Kaloka naman gurl, ang ganda lahat ng shoes! Siyempre peyborit ko yung mustard heels.(; and about the leopard wedges: I think that too! I see it everywhere and I always get jealous. But apparently there's two of us left without it! :p

  21. I love the combat boots! Can I ask what site is t from? I'm a new follower to your blog and i love it to bits! Great job!

  22. Bow blouse. I'm in love <3.

    And that is the most different fringe blouse I have ever seen!

  23. can i ask where you found the combat boots? thanks!

  24. sis the boots is sold na daw:(


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