New Year First

It was my first time to welcome the New Year in some place other than my grandmother's house in Q.C. Every year our whole family (including extensions) spends our new year's eve partying the night away on the street with our neighbors. It's always fun. But due to my dad's Christmas episode where he got so drunk he fell and hit his head on hard cement, we had to celebrate in the hospital. We had food delivered and just chattered the night away. We also watched hundreds of fireworks from my dad's room at the 14th floor of Medical City. It was amazing and magical! I love how the whole sky lit up as 12am neared as if a pyro competition was taking place! The whole spectacle lasted for about an hour. In short, ang yaman ng pinoy. Lol. Anyway, even if we had to go home early (so the patient could rest), even if we were only 6 (other family members were at my grandma's house), I realized I'm totally okay with it. If it happened 2 years ago, I would be majorly bummed to death. Guess I'm growing up? Haha. As long as you're with your family--minus the noise, minus the booze, minus the excessive smoke--everything is just right. Here are some photos from our celebration today..

Starting it with an outfit post...
cute spot to take photos across the hospital!:)

shirt-island souvenirs, shorts-F21, cardigan-bazaar, shoes-janylin

we love the gold colored koi! can you spot it?:)

enjoying our dinner! mich,miles,sister,me (sorry for the clutter)

my mom and a ghost, haha!

 outside--30 mins before midnight!


Then came midnight!!! Our view from the window was just--breathtaking:)

fireworks display from all over the metro!

Happy New Year na!!!

Here's a dialogue earlier between Mich and me, at approximately around 6pm...

Aisa: Mich, samahan moko later sa ER mga 12:30am. 

Mich: Why what are you gonna do there?

Aisa: Tatambay!

Mich: Baket?

Aisa: abangan ko yung mga mapuputukan gusto ko makita ano itsura.

MIch: morbid?!

Come 12:30 I really dragged Mich to the ER. We really did sat at the waiting area--I waited and Mich slept. Matumal in english: not so much happening. Lol. I ran out of newspaper to read so I stood up and left Mich so I could get more reading materials from my dad's room. I was really bummed (coz I didn't see!) when I got back and Mich said a guy with an icepick stuck to his right eye was brought in. Malas. Not a fun way to start the year. :P

And lookie! I finally have my Forever 21 loots from the US!!! (it came right on time)

 my new babies:)

I will be selling the black boater hat coz it's big on me. The pleather leggings and cargo skinny jeans fit perfectly though!:) I'm so happy. On the first day of the year, yes I can be superficial. :P

So there! I have a strong feeling this is gonna be a great year for all of us--it should be. I'm putting my hopes up.:) Happy New Year everyone!!! 2011--we're all ready for you.:)


  1. Happy New Year! :) Tell your Dad to get well soon. ^^

    "Pax Loves Cebu"--- Cebu loves you, too! hehe

    F21 goodies on New Year's? What a great way to start the year! :)

  2. Happy New Year, Pax! At least you got a fantastic view of the fireworks! Enjoy the new shoes on New Year!


  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR PAX!!! Congrats on your shoes! And Get well soon to your dad :-)

  4. Ang ganda naman ng view kaya oks lang :)) Nakakaiyak naman hihihi--we're growin up! :D
    Love the caption na my mom and a ghost benta lang hehehehe...get well to your dad a! :)
    And wow shet black boater hat ;D Love the new shoessss!!! :) Happy new year pax and mich and family! :)

  5. Mygosh, ang daming naospital ng pasko. I spent Christmas in the ER, too. Hehe. That's why I'm fearing for my health in 2011.

    Anyhoo, Happy New Year!

  6. What a cute, relaxed outfit! :D Happy New Year, Aisa! I love the photo of your mom with the ghost, haha!


  7. Happy New Year Aisa! :) Get well soon to your dad. Love all the shoes!!! <3


  8. Happy new year, Pax! Hope your dad gets well soon. And congrats on the shoes! They look amazing. How much did it cost to ship those? I want to buy some stuff online too.

    sPam of frou-frou

  9. Happy new year :)
    I love those F21 goodies
    Hope your dad gets well soon :)


  10. I love your cardigan. Great pictures! Happy New Year :)

  11. That's an interesting view! Maiba naman sa usual na pictures na may fireworks sa sky. I love how you can see almost parang eye level lang yung fireworks! Hope your dad feels better soon. Happy new year!

  12. happy 2011! looove your shirt and the shoessss! gandaaa!

  13. I hope your dad feels better now. Katawa yung kwento sa ER part hehe. Happy new year girl! <3

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  14. Aisa! Beautiful haul!!:)
    I want the boater hat!! Sell it to me:)

  15. love the new shoes ms.pax :)) how long did it take you to wait for the shoes ? :)


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