Conceptual Shoot + Giveaway Winner!

The day before we left for Palawan, I spent the whole day in Calibre studio for another styling stint. This time it's a portfolio collaboration with Darrel Pobre. It's different from what I usually do because it is high fashion and not commercial. I also spent a lot of time and effort talking to designers and other brands for pullouts. So with this, I want to say a huge huge thanks to Roy Anne of FABRICHILD for the gorgeous headpieces & dresses, Ally of Golddot, Bem of Trunkshow, Aira of Sinta/Cintura for the shoes, Claire (my friend) for sending me some fabulous accs! And of course, Dimple Lim & Nico Agustin for the fabulous clothings. I promise you won't be disappointed with the outcome. So excited to see it as well!

Here's a sneak peek again!

Jacket was sent to me by Fievre!:) Can't wait to use it:) Clothes & headpiece by Fabrichild.
This is the top from Dimple Lim that I was thinking of buying.

Amaine goofing around while Sir Nan is fixing her hair

I also styled a guy this time!:)

After the shoot, we lingered a little bit to attend Darz's brother's event and to watch their band perform. It's an event organized by UST/UP students aimed to support local indie bands. They transformed the studio into a mini bar. Cool.

i love that they sang songs Mich and I know!

Mich, Yeoh and I goofing around while putting our groupie mode on.

I also want to share with you guys our favorite Thai resto. It's hidden inside Marikina's market.

Happy me!

bagoong rice. yum.

obsessed with their seafood tom yum!

even snakey and skully is happy!:)

That's it! Will blog about Palawan next:)

P.S. Congratulations to Bernadeth Gutierrez for winning my Stubborn Eve giveaway!:)
Watch our girlys, I have another one coming--very soon. :)


  1. Interesting shooting. I liked the colors and the setting. Reminds me a bit of my childhood :D

  2. sweeeet snake! :D reminds me of voldemort.haha

  3. Uy, I like the concept ha. I love the wallpaper patters that contrast against the models. :D

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at ipaxme.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


  5. lovely accessories! they're so badass but still has that whimsical charm to it

  6. Great styling!! I love the 2nd look!=)

  7. pretty!! And mygod, i got hungry with the pictures of the food!! hahaha

  8. i hate snakes but your snake bracelet is really cute!


  9. I love tom yum! I wanna eat~:]



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