Late Post: Sunday Treats!

Last week, Sunday the day after the Brown Bag Market, I decided to make it up to Mich. But before that, as usual, I had to go to a styling commitment first. I think this is gonna be used for a photographer's exhibit soon--so watch out for it! :) Here's a sneak peek of what transpired in Calibre studio that day... My peg was all about colors--which is obvious no?

model (who also did ad campaigns in Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa!) Diana Santos

with new model Charmaine (who looks fierce btw! but super sweet)

One of the sets was used for MJ Cachero's upcoming openshoot teaser! You guys could all join!

photog MJ Cachero in action.

Lei (one of my favorite persons!) doing the male model's makeup.

of course, with my bessy Jear!:)

The shoot just lasted for 2 hours (yey!), so we headed to Nuat Thai, Libis afterwards for a much needed and much deserved massage! :) 

Their very friendly and courteous staff :)

After we were given slippers, I was then asked to choose the oil I wanted to use for the massage session. I chose Lavender! Then in we went...

dark hallway leading to the room at the end...

...where we had our feet washed first.

Japanese style rooms! I loveee:)

Mich chose the traditional thai massage, which involves stretching (which I'm not a fan of.) I, on the other hand, chose their swedish massage with hot rock balls or something. It's more expensive but I loved it! And here's how I looked like after the whole thing. I swear I wanted to go straight to sleep after! Sorry for the uber messy everything. Lol.

Calm and relaxed.

Verdict: For P850 total, it's worth it. The place is fairly new, so the service and everything is still amazing. I hope it stays the same after 2-5 years! Mich loved the massage. I also loved it, but it was still a little painful for me. As I've said before, I am very sensitive when it comes to massages because I'm all bones. Thunderbird Resort still holds the best massage crown for me. :)

Outfit post!
shirt-thrifted, shorts-fashionstopshop, wedge-CMG

We then headed to Gateway, Araneta after to catch Harry Potter's last full show. We ate at Figaro first then headed to the cinema after. 

Mich's cheese quesedilla

My meal:)

feeling photographer.

Mich trying to hide.

I always hate my post spa look. Haha. 

Harry Potter rocks! I heard a lot of negative reviews but it looks a-okay to me. The story is a little long and a little dragging, but there are a lot of defining moments and the effects--mindblowing. Can't wait for our next date day! It's always always fun. :)

*add Nuat Thai on facebook! Just search for Nuat Thai Libis. :)

P.S. Will announce my giveaway winner later! Stay tuned! :)


  1. i so love your floral top!:)

  2. i love spa's but seldom go :) its sweet how mich and you went on a spa date! i want also with gersh!!<3

    Love your floral top combination with pink shorts!:) the food looks yummy too!!=p

    Eeep! something to look forward to later!! can't wait for the winner! Good luck to us all!

  3. what a delish plate that must be. :D

  4. Aisa! I loved the way you styled them!!! :) Mwuah! Galing ka talaga! Openshoot? sama ulit ako pag pede sked!!!! :)

    Thanks for linking my shop mah dear :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. It looks a really funny day and you are amazing and so stylish! I love your shirt!


  6. Love the post! Well I love all your post!haha

  7. I just noticed a trend with bloggers these days...Looks like they'd go to a spa right after a vacation, if the recent posts are any indication. November - December are stressful months!!

  8. aaahh i so want those shorts!!!! aaahhh!!!!

    Animated Confessions

  9. Paxie!
    I am simply awed by the shoot style! Right on for 2011 - 70s!! Lovesit. I'm inspired

    Re the creations, FOR SURE! Hit me with ur mailing address at yvesmc@gmail.com

  10. Ah, you make me want a massage! You look lovely in floral.

    Embracing Style

  11. hi asia. I'm your new follower. i want a massage too.Love your style.


  12. ohhh i love your shorts... i must check them out at melai's shop. you look so fab and aren't massages the most wonderful thing ever?


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