Palawan Adventure: Honda + Underground

On our 2nd day in Palawan, we went island hopping! Even though I felt weird all throughout the trip (coz I get itchy all over whenever I dip into salt water), it was still fun as it looked. It started with a drizzle then of slightly heavy rain, but still ended with a lot of sunshines. :) Here are photos from last weekend...


feeling photog


our boat and mich

sand dollar:)

mahangin sa labas, yes.


What we feasted on at snake island. Yum.

Pandan Island. Postcard?

drying up.

this weird photo of mine, never fails to make me laugh

On our 3rd day, we went to the famous Underground River! Our tours were all arranged by the owner of Mercedes Bed & Breakfast. :)

I hate fresh buko juice that's not served chilled. So,this is just acting.

heading to our boat

island where the underground river is lcoated! Gorgeous.

monitor lizard

trail going to the river.

we had to stop coz a monitor lizard passed by and blocked our way. lol.

vote for Palawan's underground river for the 8th wonder of the world!

ready to go inside!

and that's me trying to protect my face from being pooped on or pissed on by bats. Lol.

To those who are heading to Palawan, don't forget to go Firefly watching! It's my absolute favorite. Yes, more than the underground river tour. It was too bad the whole river was pitch black that any camera wouldn't be able to take pictures. But it's absolutely breathtaking, amazing. A serene boat ride in the the middle of a river surrounded by mangroves lit by thousands of fireflies. Wanna know the best part? It's when suddenly a firefly came and circled around me. Bliss. :)

P.S. Just PM me for any inquiries regarding prices, activities, places we went to, restaurants. I'd be glad to share and help!


  1. Ang gandaaaa. I'm so inggit! I'm not even too fond of the beach, but this looks too good to pass up. I may just take you up on your offer for tips! (;

  2. hope to have a tour in Palawan too, love your beach attires ms. aisa!

  3. that's an amazing tour you have. Need tips as well ms. asia . Thanks.

  4. Awww... Looks a lot of fun! :D

  5. it looks like fun... and beautiful views too :)

  6. Wow ana ganda! I've always wanted to go to Palawan, but I've sadly yet to go. The Underground River looks AMAZING!
    And ganda rin nung mga photos mo! Lalo na yung last one! Nice tatto! :)

  7. @Bestie - game yayain mo na si bf!:) are you going on thursday pala? Cu!:)

    ladawan. chiquie, abbie, electrocute, ching - thanks my dears!:)

    widdlesh - go na sis! it's not expensive naman pala. thanks also!:)

  8. Haaaaangganda ng Palawan!!! This post makes me really want to go na talaga.

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  10. breath taking scenes, i'm so inggit..:P i love your pretty dresses..;)


  11. i love your sunglasses! where is it from? :)

  12. this is one reason why i love the philippines! beautiful beaches!!!

  13. I'm so inggit!!! I wanna go to the beach! And I haven't been there yet! Next year, maybe! Love the floral outfits too! :))

  14. i've never been to palawan but it's most definitely one of my places to go when i visit philippines again :)

    great blog and love the dress.

    come visit and hope you follow my blog too if you liked it! thanks!


  15. omg!!!! breath taking photos!!! im so jealous how you're just basking in sun's glory there while it's way too cold outdoors in here!! aaahhh!!!

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