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Here's another random post from the random me. Lol. I hibernated for a week (or was it just days?) coz of some things. One of which was our apartment clean-up. Another reason is our sudden addiction to board games. Yes. I'm surprisingly beginning to get bored with the internet. I plan to buy as many board games as possible. It's a good way to bond and reconnect with people you love especially in this technology driven time. My cousins and I would just spend hours and hours playing screaming our lungs off sometimes, taunting each other endlessly when we end up paying for fines or other players. 

 Philippine version!

I love this version of Monopoly. Only because we spend time strategizing and arguing who gets to buy EDSA, Ortigas, Recto even Ayala Avenue. It's so fun when you actually know the places you're all paying for, 'coz even after you're done playing you still have that owning feeling with you. One day I even told Mich, "You can skip work, Ayala Avenue is yours remember!" or "I'm so late for a meeting, don't they know I own EDSA?!". Lol. Yep, we've gone Monolopy crazy. Can't wait to buy Visionary or Word Factory--soon!

my apartment in total chaos.

My new food addiction -- Shakey's buffalo wings, fries and calamares. Yum.

I also got busy returning my pull-outs. Just when I've cleared the apartment from borrowed items, I'm starting to accumulate new ones again for another upcoming shoot.  It's another conceptual shoot that will be shot outdoors. I'm still looking for the perfect location. Do you guys know any place that looks vintage, whimsical and with a garden? Help! Here are my inspirations...

Yesterday, I also met up with some blogger friends at Trinoma-- Ana, Ava and Krissy (wish you were there Melai!). After dropping by Trunkshow and a quick shopping at Landmark, we finally watched Narnia. The movie was awesome. 

with Ava, Krissy and cutie Athan!

my tin soldier! i wanated to steal it for my shoot on wed. Lol.

me with Ana and Krissy

And yes Ana, until now I still can't get over the leopard print watch + wallet I saw in Tomato, the red satchel bag at EGG, the tutu dress at The Ramp, the red ballet flats at Shoe Gallery. ARGHHH! Shopping ban sucks. But I did buy some pretty things though. I love you Landmark!

Oh, Trinoma is such a sinful place with all the pretty shops and pretty things! 
I can't wait to go back.

P.S. And lookie!

Meg's november issue

View HERE.

Yey! Thanks again Darz for my new header! (haha can't get over)


  1. congrats on the features!
    i love:
    the "pinoy" version monopoly board
    the food!!!
    and your new purchases! :))

  2. my friends & i love board games!! we love that the Philippine version of Monopoly, too. i think Bangkal Street is the best spot to build buildings! people land there all the time, for some reason. hahaha. you should try playing Cranium sometime, if you haven't yet. it's crazy fun!

    boat ride through the sky

  3. Sisterhood of the Traveling Satchel Bag! Haha! Thanks Pax, I enjoyed it :) Sa uulitin! :)

  4. I'm so sad i wasn't able to go! I hope tlaga may second round :( Miss you guys! Aisa missed working with you!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. Congratulation on the feature babe...

    you deserve it...


  6. love the the header!!! it's so cool that their monopoly philippines.. we have monopoly here in canada too!! and oohhh!! word factory!! i suggest, you and your friends should look for cranium!! my cousins and i always play that during the holidays (girls vs boys).

    congrats on the features!

    Animated Confessions

  7. i never really know how to play Monopoly..haha i just like the simple snake and ladders version. :DD

  8. Awww really admire your style pax :D


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