Winter Wonderland

Last December 4, I attended my high school friend's wedding at Makati Shangrila (I was late and wasn't able to make it to the church). So anyway, I came early and killed time by using their free wifi, which is super fast by the way! Love it. I'm not really a huge fan of weddings but this just goes to my top 5 favorites. :) Their chosen theme was winter wonderland. The wedding planners and coordinators did a great job!

did my hair and make-up

with girlfriends--Cecille & Miki

with my bff Cecille:)

photobooth madness!

grand entrance:)
What a feast!

my plate. yes, i finished everything.


And now, some outfit shots!

I actually didn't know what I would wear to this event. I usually prepare outfits a few days before. This nude dress that I won from Denise's giveaway was a lifesaver! It matched perfectly with my rose blazer. :)  

dress - from Denise Katipunera, blazer-thrifted, shoes-PRP, clutch-Ebay

Congratulations again to my friend Giselle! Enjoy the ride girl. Loves! :)


  1. great post!!!
    love your blog!!!
    follow u

  2. But weddings are nice! Hehe. That particular arrangement, though, Winter Wonderland, is really something.

    Love your outfit! :D

  3. What a gorgeous wedding. You look amazing in that nude dress and loved how you paired it with a flower blazer. The holiday trees in the background make the wedding all the more magical. :)

  4. The dress and the blazer worked well! You rocked this look! =)

  5. I super adore your rose blazer!!! (I am on my floral phase now so...)

  6. i love the theme of the wedding. it's so whimsical. i would have worn a fur coat, just because. hahaha..and you look fab in your outfit.

  7. Ooh that's such a great theme for a wedding! And I love that you went for something more unorthodox to wear...you definitely stood out from all the "typical" wedding attires! <3

  8. aww, i love weddings! i can't wait for my sister's on February. perfect excuse to look dress up & look pretty!

    i love how simple & elegant the whole set up of the reception looks! and you look great in that dress & blazer combo as well! a little unconventional for the event, but you rocked it. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  9. looking so posh and classy!!! i love the nude dress, dear!! :D

    and the wedding seemed really like a wonderful event! loving the theme!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  10. i love the blazer dear! and your friend's wedding looks fab!


  11. awww.. what a lovely event that must have been.

  12. Aisa!! I love your outfit! And you look gorgeous here :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  13. this outfit of yours is definitely a rave for me!

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  14. love this look! So pretty :)
    That blazer is soo nice and it goes great with that beautiful nude dress


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