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First off, the Brighstar Bazaar that's supposed to happen this weekend at A.venue was cancelled. So, I guess I'll just see you guys at the Brownbag Market on the 20th at The Collective instead. And with that, I'll just sell my "stocks" early next week on my online store!=) I want to do it tomorrow but I can't 'coz I have to go to the mall to do some last minute shopping for a styling gig on Saturday. If only SM Cubao is open! There was a fire in their stockroom yesterday so the whole SM near our place is closed. Bummer.

Here's a sneak peak of what I'll be putting up on sale next week...

i'm thinking of keeping this haha.

Maxi skirts...

love the color of this skirt and the fabric is amazing
cute colors!
Oversized sweaters...

And more jackets...

Sorry for the (again) crappy photos. Heee. Took these as soon as I got the clothes from the laundry. Hope to see you guys at Archive next week! :)

So today, I decided to post a random blog. Went to the nearest mall today to surprise Mich with a new phone! Most of you may not know but she's the most non-fussy person I've ever met. She hates drama, issues or complications. That also applies to her phone choices. Her last phone--that gave up and died on her--is her white 8210. Yes, you read it right. Oh, did I mention she bought it 2nd hand? Lol. So anyway, it died and it's very difficult for me when she's phoneless. I can't call her to make chika when I'm trying to make myself sleepy and I can't text her my bilins. I wanted to buy her a C3 (so we'd  be matchy matchy) but I'm not sure if she'd like it. She just--as always--want simple things, same with phones. Just as long as she could text and call (well, just like me). 
Well I guessed right, she loved it. I also bought a new table for the apartment...

i love that it's foldable and red!
And here are some of the pieces I scored from thrifting...

finally found a cute denim vest!
classy vintage polka skirt that fits me perfectly!

So there that's about it! I'ma resume my series addiction. Now watching Pretty Little Liars. Ooh! And I finally booked a hotel for our upcoming Palawan trip. Yey! In case there are some of you out there who's headed there too, here's a nice place to stay in-- Mercedes B&B (click on the link!). Can't hardly wait. I need a vacaaaay. Have a good Friday everyone!

P.S. Brighstar bazaar this weekend is cancelled, sorry guys. Sucks for me too. :)


  1. aaahhhh im very much like mich pala.. i just want a simple phone that can text and call.. i actually do not like the slides, flips or the qwerty phone.. too complicated! hahahaha!

    Animated Confessions

  2. I'm not sure where else to contact you, but just wanted to know how much you charge for regular people who wants to hire you to be their stylist? :)

  3. oh i'm drooling over those polka dots! :) and when it comes to phones, i'm not fussy about it too. hehe


  4. the polkadot skirt is so adorable! cant wait for saturday and go thrifting again!:D


  5. can't wait to see your new collection:)

  6. i love mich's new phone!:) and it's nice she's not fussy with things :)

    love the new archive stuff!

  7. everything looks great! my favorite has to be the denim skirt :)

  8. Ah! I'm loving that phone. It's so sweet of you to buy Mich that. You just gave me an idea. Thanks! :D

  9. Im diggin the maxi skirt! :)
    i will check archive soon! and ohhw, wow palawan is a very nice place! enjoy!

  10. I'm excited for this. I love the red sweater!

    BTW, I just followed you now but I've been lurking at & loving your blog for a while already. I love your posts! :D

  11. thanks for all the coments girlys! I read eacn and everyone of them and it makes me smile!:)

    Babie- thank you! love your blog too! too bad i cant follow you coz ur in tumblr hehe. :)

  12. Actually I decided to open a Blogspot account so that I can follow you & the rest of the awesome people I found here. I started with lurking at your site almost everyday & then I just visited the other sites listed on your sidebar, & I wasn't disappointed. I also started following @anagonsblog

    The Tumblr site's my art blog but I'll be using my Blogspot for personal posts.

    http://babypiggy.tumblr.com (art blog)
    http://theartsandwich.blogspot.com (random personal posts)


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