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..um, not. I'm the worst correspondent ever. I forget the schedule often, i get confused with designer's names AND as you all know I suck at taking photos. So here's one sucky coverage of the last few days of Philippine Fashion Week.

Since I wasn't able to watch the weekday shows, I decided to try and watch those that ran over the weekend. And since I have too many photos I decided to not post all of them. I will just share with you guys my ultimate favorites. Heee.

Here are some of them...

Is it just me or did most of the collections really took after past eras? From the 40's to the 70's. I swear, I saw some that looks like what Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton showcased at the New York (or was it Paris?) runway. Well, regardless I still fell inlove with them anyway. I'm such a sucker for vintage designs!

from Jian Lasala's collection--love the metallics and the 60s/70's inspiration!

Adore this purple bow dress and blue fringey one from Alodia Cecilia.

I love the layers and colors of this piece. I die. Creation of Emily Sy.

Love the finale dress of Joyce Pilarsky.

Here are some post show photos--pre-Penshoppe-- of us eating lunch and camwhoring with friends...

cute interior:)

But super small servings... food was good though.
this had shrimps but Mich chowed it down in under 10 minutes. Hee.
my liempo. only 5 slices. boo.
ensaladang mangga. yum.

Total damage is P485. I know the value of what we just ate is 2x more a carinderia (yes, I do eat in carinderias--i love carinderias) but we did came out full.

And here's an early outfit shot. Guys, meet Tita Cory. Haha.

blazer-shopdeathbyplatforms, top-thrifted vintage, skirt-SM, shoes-H&M, bag-fabmanila

thanks to the girls of auxmanila for letting us sit near the stage at the Premiere B show:)

And here's some shots from the Penshoppe show!

inlove with this dress--and the hat.
it's raining sequins love!
Loved the styling...

Inlove with the wedges the models were wearing!

The show was fantastic. I liked most of what I saw on the runway. Penshoppe has really come a long way in terms of style and designs. I'm loving it more and more each year. 

with jear, bianca and ava
Edric Chen, Christian, Yeoh, Christine Lorico, jear, Ava and Bianca.

We watched the SONY: Visions & Trends show afterwards. Here are my favorites from the bunch...

Love the opening & how they presented the designers--through Sony Vaio laptops!

reminded me of paradigm shift! Streetwear-ish.  Bo Parcon.

Dimple Lim and her muses. Loooove the bows and how she mixed the prints. Girly, frilly, nice.

Must have: Don Protasion cape.

Ruffles galore.

All about ruffles and layers--by Jot Losa.

Looove this! love the printed top & tutu skirt combination. It does remind me of Mcqueen. 

The headress looks heavy!!! Only Kermit Tesoro does dramatic headpieces like that.

Lovin' this printed jumpsuit (which remind me of Startrek for some weird reason)

..the shoes! love.

And with that I close my tiring Saturday night. But here's some more post show photos!

Smile! =)

P.S. Don't forget to drop by A.Venue events hall this weekend! Archive Clothing will be there!:)


  1. wow, some eccentric designs and cute pieces i see.

  2. Penshoppe has definitely come a long way! Am surprised nga with the dress from the 1st Penshoppe photo you posted haha.

    Take care!

  3. wow.. fierceness!!! :D some of the pieces are really showstoppers!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. I love the head piece of the one wearing the Joyce Pilarsky dress. :D But I'm afraid of the high platform shoes. I feel like the model is going to fall off the stage. @_@

  5. omg! kermit tesoro's shoes are crazy! I wish I could walk with a pair of those! hahaha


  6. I so love your outfit in this post Aisa!:)

  7. parang ang saya ko dun sa isang picture, teh hehe :) happy I got to hang out with you guys during PFW!

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  10. love the blazer on you, pax! yay!!! sana nagkita tayo sa PFW. :(

  11. super duper love your outfit! looove the blazer on you! :)

  12. Love both your outfits on the two days! :) Also, Kermit Tesoro is definitely the best avant-garde designer in recent times! I love his death defying shoes!!

    Shari of Aviator Shades

  13. I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing :) You totally look cute in your outfit, the color combinations are cute!

  14. love the shooes ms.paxie :))

    follow me also : dgap.blogspot.com

  15. I love the shoooeess. So weird. =)

    Love the photos thanks for sharing. :)

  16. love you pax. we should go out again soon (usapan yan ha.) btw, will steal photos. mwah!

  17. Love your clothes and restaurant posts.


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