Finally, winter.

I've been wanting to add a winter-themed shoot to my styling portfolio and last Saturday it happened. I styled for a paid pre-debut shoot for Jenn, a 2nd year Med student from UP Manila, where her requested peg is everything winter. That means, ice queen, fur, boots, tights. I got excited. It was a plus that she was super pretty! She reminded me of Maricar Reyes. She'd be a nice addition to my portfolio. :)

 Here's how my whole day went in photos...

Vincent (hmua) nailed the ice queen make-up peg for the first few shots. :) love the falsies!

working on the ice queen improvised headress. Yes, that's my serious face. lol.

I wasn't able to take some BTS photos for the 1st look I created. She was wearing a nice white fur coat and lotsa pearls. She looked so classy. Papa Karl Lagerfied would be proud.

Her 2nd look. A little grungy and sexy.

3rd look-- red is love. Note to self: buy a red coat!

mala scarlet o' hara?:)

cuuute. lol

4th look: upper eastsider!

5th look - kickass glam chic--everyone's fave!

It was just supposed to be 4 layouts but I had an extra one prepared and I just had to make her wear it. It's a good thing Jenn's so game. :) This was her mom's favorite from all the sets!:) The photos are great and I'm so excited to see it. Will share them with you as soon as they release it. Thank you Jenn for being so easy to work with. And for her Mom and Lola for being patient and for giving us dinner money worth P4K!!! We all got giddy thinking of a nice resto where we could spend all of them. We all agreed on North Park. Vil ordered a LOT. lol.
Vil the sawsawan master.

loved the soy chicken

darz got dizzy from all the food. 

And thank you Mich for going back to our apartment just to get the white polo I forgot to bring. I know it's annoying that you had to go from Makati to Cubao and back to Makati again. I know I'm a pain in the ass (most of the time), but you still do everything to make my work easier everytime. You're my lifesaver--always. Hope you don't get tired of me!

And here's an outfit shot I took when I got home... Sorry for the clutter haven't had the chance to clean my mess. Packing for shoots are stressful AND messy! After a few minutes I had no choice but to clean up quickly coz my cousins went to the apartment again for another chill out session over stories, chismis and kurant. Love.

scarf, top, shorts - thrifted, shoes -custom made

Have a great rest of the week everyone! As for me, I have a whole styling weekend to prepare for. I have a pre-nup shoot + openshoot on Saturday. I'm a little stressed over it coz the pre-nup theme is Modern Filipiana and I don't have clothes for that. Uuugh. Hope my convincing power works coz I suggested that the bride just do 2 Filipinana themed shots and the rest would be vintagey. It would be soo much easier. And it would save so much time. It sucks that I can't divide my body into 2, I had to let go of a shoot that same day for Hang Ten and a chance to dress someone for Star Awards. Oh well, there's always next time. I hope there is. :)

P.S. For my Cebuana blogger friends, any good hotel suggestions?:) Will be going to Cebu on Dec. 25-29! Hope I could squeeze in some time (and you too girlys) for us to meet up! That would be so much fun.  See you soon. :)


  1. yay! congrats Pax for your first paid styling gig! bet ko ang first and last look! i love the jackets!

  2. I'm inggit! You have a lot of styling gigs (I don't even care if they're paid or not haha). And your girl really does look like Maricar Reyes (who incidentally is my neighbor, as she lives on the floor above me). Cheers! :D


  3. d man to 1st na paid koox! hehe pag openshoots paid din kami. :) pero ito yung bonggang paid kc 4 layouts lng tapos ok na yung pay. nagexplain bako? lol. thanks for liking the looks i created. Kung may winter lang sa Pinas everyday yan ang pegs ko! hehe

  4. Alex - who's your neighbor??? Jenn or Maricar? heehee. I have a girl crush on maricar reyes she's too pretty!:) thanks for the comment lex i miss you!:)

  5. You nailed it pax! whoopee! i can see it in Jenn's eyes--- she's a happy camper!

    wow, 4k as dinner cash --- now, that's the greatest thrill of the day i bet.

    i saw a very similar oxfords with brogueing as the one you're wearing in crossings-- twas sooo nice but they no longer had my size :(

    you look lovely as ever pax! my fave is that pouty shot... kawaii!

  6. taicpypecal
    [URL=http://moon.cs.uh.edu/trac/WiserAnalyzer/ticket/16648]looking for love[/URL]

  7. i love the eye makeup!!


  8. wow! you're so lucky you get to do the job you really love. love the olive green jacket in the last look! super.

    and yey you're coming to cebu. it's a must that there should be a meet-up! will tell other cebu-based bloggers. :)

    magtanong-tanong ako dito for some nice and accessible hotels. :)


  9. mental note: red coat is love! :D

    oh cool, you'll be in Cebu? there are loads of hotels in the city, i'd suggest in either Marriott Hotel or Waterfront Cebu Hotel..

    but if you want hotels near the beach then you can go for the Hilton Hotel in Mactan Cebu. :)

  10. mental note: red coat is love! :D

    oh cool, you'll be in Cebu? there are loads of hotels in the city, i'd suggest in either Marriott Hotel or Waterfront Cebu Hotel..

    but if you want hotels near the beach then you can go for the Hilton Hotel in Mactan Cebu. :)

  11. first of all, i love your scarf!! :D second, i love the upper east sider look/shot!! :D and third, aaahh siomai!!!!

    Animated Confessions

  12. I love your outfit specially the scarf! <3 Great styling as usual, i love every style..:)


  13. i like the scarf, too! :) is your bag thrift-ed as well



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